March Horoscopes

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March 2018

The big astrological news for this month is for the first time since Jupiter entered Scorpio in October last year this benevolent planet goes retrograde on the 9th. This will continue until mid-July causing shifts in the political arena in regards to hidden secrets in the corporate world. On the 17th there is a New Moon at 26 degrees in Pisces “A man in armour, fully equipped and bearing a shield” it is in the domain of ‘security’ which symbolises a man in power making a major decisions regarding the security of one’s nation. This particular New Moon transits the USA 4th house indicating a need to react strongly to any threats from outside their region. On the 31st we have a Full moon in Libra in the degree of ‘seclusion’ . This amplifies a tribal reaction to political events in the world especially as the trickster of the Gods Mercury traveling backwards from the 23rd also opposes this Full Moon to add an unpredictable energy to the Western world.


There is an intensity to the month ahead as Mercury passes through your sign and then on the 23rd moves backwards causing delays and frustrations towards the end of the month. This is amplified by the Sun and Venus transiting in Aries. The motto for March could be ‘more work, less play’ as you have to be on guard for misunderstandings and a never ending series of caveats regarding ongoing work projects.


Jupiter turns retrograde in your opposite sign of Scorpio from the 9th causing a reconsideration regarding your close relationships. This may be a time when you realise that you have taken too much on and need to reassess your situations when making promises to others. Saturn is supporting your ambitions, so now you need the back up of loved ones; just make sure you’re not sacrificing your own needs.


The general energy of the month is one of confusion for most of the twins as your planetary ruler Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd in the friendship area of your chart. The twins are known for having a variety of social contacts in their life and the demand to listen, learn and focus could well be a challenge during the next four weeks. Mars moves form your opposite sign Sagittarius on the 18th helping you to begin to see others in a more positive frame of mind.


The energy of the planet Jupiter which is transiting in another water sign like yourself goes retrograde from the 9th in your solar 5th house. Any creative projects that you have been engaged with since October 2017 will now need to be reflected on and perhaps viewed from a different lens until July when Jupiter starts to move direct again.


Career decisions will take up a majority of the theme of March as you seek to improve your present circumstances. There will be an inspirational quality from the 5th as the Sun meets with Neptune in your solar 8th house. Trying to fit in with others expectations is not on the agenda, but you could feel pressurised into making a decision for the benefit of another rather than yourself- be bold.


Your opposite sign of Pisces is the dominating zodiac sign in March which means that ‘other people’ are placing a lot of faith in your direction. This can be a good thing as long as you are aware of your own inner motivations. Partnerships in general are under the microscope and therefore your response to another’s needs is going to be crucial in getting the best out of the next four weeks.


Venus is in a dance between two signs of the zodiac this month one being Aries your polarity point igniting relationships and communication in regard to your emotional needs. On the 29th Venus will make conjunction with the rebellious planet Uranus, bringing new insights and eureka moments in creative pursuits and self-expression.


Scorpio is a water element sign and bases a lot of its decisions on how it feels, there is so much activity with the planets in the water signs that you could feel a bit overwhelmed in March. However if you seek the core of your feelings and inner awareness, you could find yourself being extremely psychic in your perceptions. This could be in relation to how others feel and therefore be able to give others some good spiritual and emotional guidance.


There is a lot of mutable energy around in March, this tends to manifest as changeable emotions and attitudes with others and yourself. The key is to be adaptable to this and to learn to respect your own personal boundaries. This is also a month to start a new spiritual practice or even healthy eating diet with the right motivation in place.


The planets Mars and Saturn link up at the end of the month configuring into a powerful surge of energy and determination in getting things done. This will make good reading for the goats but they might have to be careful that they don’t climb the metaphorical mountains on their own, there are plenty of those around that would like to join you in your new adventure.


Your two rulers Saturn and Uranus are moving direct during the next four weeks which in turn brings out your famous optimistic attitude to life. The south node is currently travelling in your own sign and this can add to a sense at times of going back into old habits that should have been let go of many moons ago, as long as you’re aware of those habits you can begin the process of reaching out to new routines and possibilities.


For the majority of the fish this is your birthday month and that means a time to look back at the last twelve months and reflect on your progress. This feature is also highlighted by Mercury being retrograde in your own sign from the 23rd. But don’t let that deter you from making big decisions, far from it; this is a period to embrace new ideas and concepts that come your way.