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Stars but no stripes for Mitt Romney

Sunday 15 April 2012
After a dramatic week in the Republican race for the White House, political astrologer Demian Allen takes a look at Mitt Romney’s fortunes and finds a man “at odds with himself”.


In these uncertain times in the west a union of political parties is a priority. If the voters sense tension in direction, then the party which is under the microscope finds it difficult to bring trust in elections.

The Republican party in the US is divided in who it would like to represent it in the race for president. The candidate currently showing the most promise in terms of support is Mitt Romney leaving the other Republican candidates falling behind the race. From an astrological view Romney has some key features in his chart which reveal the likelihood of success or failure.

Born under nebulous energy of the zodiac sign of Pisces, Romney’s chart is also dominated by the sign of Gemini. Both these signs are known for their ability to be adaptable to circumstances, but can also find that their identity is always in question because of a need to spread themselves too thin on policies and direction.

Romney is going to find that the middle of June 2012 is his best period in politics in terms of popularity and general optimism; however that is where it ends as he will stumble through the summer lacking focus and any cohesion within his party.

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Romney’s chart suggests someone who is constantly at odds with themselves, finding is difficult to make their ideas clear and concise. The switching of ideas might in the early days come across as someone who is able to “flow with the political times” however US voters want stability and leadership.

Romney has to address his need to shine in his own ambition and instead concentrate on the main feature of the political climate: the economy. This is where Romney will find himself at odds and a target from the Democrats. Romney has a heavy dose of water element in his chart, which means that when in battle he prefers to concentrate on family values rather than a “world political view”.

I would expect Romney to win the race for the Republican party leader, however I would also conclude that his fight for the President could bring him closer to collapse in his own political career, this is a man yet to be fully revealed to the general public and over the summer little by little we might just find out what makes Romney really tick and that might not be very palatable to the voters.

Barack Obama, a Leo with Aquarius rising, will demonstrate a tough but fair image and will appear stronger in his policies and more focused than he has ever been to the general public. Romney will find that the large percentage of voters just can’t figure him out.

Demian Allan is a professional astrologer, psychic and spiritual teacher.

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