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“These courses have changed my life. I now have access to a spiritual space that I have always felt somewhat outside of, peering in. I’m in the process of developing a rigorous magical practice that I never imagined would be obtainable. Initiation into something important and bigger than myself. There is still a long way to go and I hope that Demian will remain a part of that journey.”

Want to be an Astrologer or Tarot reader? Demian is one of the most gifted teachers in the U.K. Many of Demian’s former students are now working with the general public using their Astrology and Tarot skills. Whatever your background: Demian will help you gain a valuable insight into this divination practice alongside crucial personal development training.

Demian was a workshop leader at the College of Psychic Studies and lectures at the Astrology Lodge, the Astrology Association Conference and at the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Demian is also published author, a magazine columnist and T.V presenter. You will have an experienced teacher who will work in a way that suits your learning style and interests. He knows his craft inside and out, but be prepared…there will be some homework!

Entry requirements:

This course is designed for those who have a basic understanding of the houses, planets and signs and wish to further their studies into this fascinating subject.

Annual Profections

An Ancient Time Lord Astrology System of Prediction

January 2024 every Wednesday 19.30 – 21.00 online via Zoom

Starts 17/01/2024

This six week course is designed to learn in depth the techniques and systems of predicting events in astrology. I have been using profections in my astrology practice for more than ten years now as my main tool for predicting events. This course is designed for the intermediate and more advanced astrology students. The ancient art of time lords is a system that allows you to understand the ruler of your year ahead and those around you in life.

This course will help you fully understand the art of profections and the cycles that you are in the past, present and future.

Week 1 – Introduction to the concepts of sect and houses, rulership’s, week one introduces some of the techniques used for profections.

Week 2 – Meaning   of Time Lords yearly, monthly, what planets rule which year, how to work out the yearly monthly profection including sub rulers.

Week 3 – Aspects in the natal chart and Transits within the context of profections

Week 4 – Which houses rule what? The concept of turning the houses, profections for partners, children, parents and other people’s profected years in the natal chart.

Week 5 – Predicting using yearly and monthly profections, sect, rulers, aspects and eclipses.

Week 6 – Examples of astrology charts using annual profections, sect and house rulerships.

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The Ancient Art of Time Lord Predictive Astrology – Demian Allan

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