Moon Signs


‘Water puts out the fire’ signifying the relationship between the Moon placed in Aries, the combination produces tension. Responses to situations will be impatient and dramatic if the Moon in Aries individual is expressing their true internal self. However I have found in the majority of charts this causes a constant anger towards ones surroundings. From a young age this subject is taught on a fundamental level to think before acting, thereby quenching there natural desire to ‘react’ to the world. This creates a blockage within their basic needs, leading to exhaustion or a highly strung individual. The process of coming to terms with this combination is to realise that the Aries Moon is learning its nurturing aspects through a series of events whereby the response has to be quick in thought and action. The process of learning this lesson can be hard but is achievable because of the Moon’s nature in being happy to filter immediate impressions of internal stimuli. Meaning the Aries can create a happy balance between its own needs and the needs of others (fire and water).


The Moon in Taurus (exalted) can dominate the early environment continuing into adulthood. The Moon is joyful in nurturing the earthy Taurus who has a stabilising affect of the Moon’s moods. However because our basic needs are met (the mother becoming an important figure in the emotional make up) we can forget to look to ‘other’ areas to break down traditions. Meaning our world can become to internal, cutting off new lessons and experiences. This is the ‘fixed’ nature of Taurus that refuses to budge from its comfort zone. Therefore the moon becomes stagnated water causing the individual to become lazy and self indulgent. It is important that the subject with the Moon in Taurus learns to appreciate a bridge that is created when they are born (Moon in Taurus) allowing its basic needs and a constructive attitude to prevail over a need to self absorb because it is the easy way out. This astrological combination producers the natural parental types of the zodiac, nurturing and become pillars for the environment.


We come to the first of the air signs, intelligent in need of constant stimulation, variety being a prime focus on their psychological state. When the Moon is placed in Gemini the fluctuating nature of these two can produce chaos in the internal rhythm. The impressions that they receive from their internal world and their upbringing causes a contradiction with their logical approach and their intellectual needs. Moon in Gemini’s can find themselves over analyzing their emotions to such a degree they are unable to react to scenarios that need a quick and adaptable emotional directness. If they accept that their logical views are derived from there survival instincts, the Moon in Gemini can begin to steady their need for constant emotional change. Humour also becomes a good vehicle for these individuals in creating that balance, impressions are met (Moon) and then observed (Gemini) creating a need to express (Air) through humour (Mercury). We then tend to find the comedians of the zodiac, persons who are able to bring laughter, an emotional expression.


The Moon in Cancer is in its natural home and therefore the instincts are powerful in the bearing of the personality. There will be a constant need to feel secure and creative in their pursuits. However the influx of internal moods can make the subjects too sensitive, thereby rendering any clear thinking that is needed when dealing with external factors. What is needed is a reaction in a positive way to the barrage of internal voices and visions that can lead to a soaking up atmospheres, creating a protective quality to our daily lives. The Moon in Cancer is well aware of its motivations (perhaps too much) but like the crab tends to retreat into his or her shell. The trick is to be aware that the Moon’s forces wishes us to be more reflective of our desires and needs thereby becoming more aware of the needs of others.


The polarity of the Sun and Moon is played out when the Moon is placed in Leo, for it’s the internal not the external that is emphasised. The Moon in Leo almost becomes hidden in its power, because the structure of Leo is challenged by the Moon. The natural vitality and exuberance becomes dampened by the watery element. The art to becoming whole within this combination is to demonstrate the more intuitive qualities of the Moon. In other words it is important that Moon in Leos is able to act within accordance with their immediate home, be it the office, social or family situations. At times the Moon in Leo will feel compelled to dominate and ‘shine’ in dynamic emotional scenarios. Sometimes this need will feel like arrogance to others, but it is simply a need for them to tune into the more external (home) parts of there personality. They must allow for the fact that the Moon is willing them to create from their own world a more harmonious way of dealing with our needs.


If we take the Moon and Mercury in an Earth sign we find that the need of one is subjected to an internal running commentary. The Moon situated in Virgo is adapt at shifting out the superficial qualities of their own needs. This can lead to refusal to view the ‘bigger picture’ of their own emotions. We find this combination can produce the ‘truth seekers’ in other people’s emotional make up, leading to dryness in conversations that would otherwise create a bonding experience. The trick is to let the natural internal instinct flow to another so that a connection is made between wants and empowerment. It is not surprising that studying for these subjects becomes an integral part of the process. Whether this is formal or equated to a constant need to learn, the mind is in need of delivering its security through knowledge and perception.


The Moon is always looking for security in the darkness of our soul, it wants us to accept and celebrate our darker aspects of ourselves. Situated in Libra one finds the connection between approval in others and a trust in ones instincts paramount. The Libran seeks its inner security through its relations with others needs. Remember that Libra is the second air sign in the Zodiac, through Gemini we have learnt communication, now Libra endows us with the ability and ‘want’ to relate with another. But once we have achieved this, we are thrown back to our own inner voice that wants us to also begin a process of relating to our own needs. It is therefore important that the Libran reacts to this calling, knowing ourselves is the greatest gift when connecting with another.


There is an instinctual relationship between the Moon and the water sign of Scorpio, because of the similarities. Reaching the inner depths of our souls and our workings as an individual and as a whole. But if we become too engrossed in our own needs, we forget to swim up to catch air. Our truth is within our reach, because we are aware of it on a daily level, its whether we choose to accept it. But trying to find the truth in others is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, the mission is depleted even before it has begun. The Moon in Scorpio wants to know what makes people tick, what drives them. This can cause the ‘other’ to feel under investigation therefore becoming detached. The emotions are strong and internally passionate in their pursuit of inspiration (Moon) and the unseen (Pluto).


The Moon in Sagittarius allows for the subject to celebrate the emotions in all their great capacity to the external world. These individuals place a high proportion of ‘trust’ in the rhythm of nature. But because the Moon fluctuates, ideas and dreams become changeable therefore not allowing themselves to concentrate on one emotion. It is important that Moons in Sagittarians express themselves in a fiery way, the Moon is hidden and the Archer is a fire sign, the emotions can become blocked for the sake of others. This is the last of the fire signs that the Moon occupies and it is the most potent, because of the humanitarian aspect of the Sagittarius that brings joy to others through its utopian concepts that can turn dreams (Moon) into reality.


The Moon feels heavy in Capricorn and it is no surprise that individuals with this combination can feel isolated even when surrounded with loved ones. The relationship with Saturn (Capricorns ruler) and the Moon is in opposition between limitations and illusions. However there is a balance issue that can be maintained if the subject values both emotional pulls. The Capricorn person tends to keep the emotions locked away, fearing they will lose control over their immediate surroundings. It therefore becomes of paramount importance that the Capricorn learns the art of internal dialogue, listening to ones inner core. The other major contribution with this combination is gained knowledge through the art of patience, a valuable lesson where the Moon in Capricorns can thrive.


There is a zany quality to the emotions here, because there is a basic distrust of emotions and their being. Moon in Aquarius likes to be objective and allow for time to engage with what nature is trying to tell them. However they become stuck, because the spontaneous side of life is stifled by over analyzing. This is a protection for Moon in Aquarians, they don’t want the more mystical elements to dominate there lives. But then the Uranus sides of their nature rebels and they become engaged in emotional ties whether it is relationships, occupations or family ties that they feel out of their depth. The contradictive elements of Aquarius is always apparent in the Sun or the Moon, however the Sun is positive, the Moon in Aquarius is cloudy (air) leading to a view of life that is unique and altruistic.


The unseen is right at home in the watery element of Pisces, allowing the imagination to really become absorbed in the unconscious. But reality and illusion can become confused if there is not an earthier base to the individual. The moon’s protective qualities are emphasised, creating a guardian angel quality to this person’s aura. The Moon likes to shift perceptions of what is truly there in our mind and our higher self, this can lead to eureka moments in the persons life that dominate their personality. The Moon is enabling the subject the lesson of using the Moon’s internal power and brightness to inform humanity of its potentials. Once we are aware of these it allows us to nurture and feed the soul – recharging our spiritual truths.