Q. I have never had a Tarot reading before. What can I expect?

Demain will usually ask for your date of birth and then if there is a particular question you want to ask. Many clients want a general reading and then go on to ask specfic questions afterwards. Demain will give you ‘validations’ throughout your reading. Things that he could not possibly know about you, afterall, if he can’t tell you anything about your past or present life, then how can he tell you about the future?

Demian will help give you clairity and make sense of what is going on around you, he may even be able to tell you of how other the people close to you are feeling. He can also help you with other issues, such as spiritual development and career.

Q. Why would I have a reading?

Many people have a reading because they need clarity, support and answers. Demian is a respectful and sensitive reader who will help answer these questions for you. He may also unearth possibilities that you may have not considered before. He might get you thinking and possibly pondering on new opportunities, people and careers. He may also confirm absolutely the hunches you have about projects, people and situations around you. He is objective, honest and sincere and you will leave the reading feeling stronger and wiser!

Q. How do I book a reading with Demian?

Go onto the readings page and see all of the available options. You can either buy via the website or if you prefer,email Demain to arrange payment by cheque etc. Remember if you need further information before making a decision Demain will be happy to explain all of the available options to you. Demian is also available for face to face readings at Watkins Books in central London on Sundays.

Q. So how is an Astrology reading different to the ones I read in Magazines?

The information collated in an individual astrology chart takes in hundreds of pieces of information to create a ‘picture’ of your very own unique life path. The time you were born, the day, month, year and place are all factored in to reflect that picure back at you. Demian can tell you about the major events in your life just through viewing your chart for a minute or so, he can tell you about your loved ones and future points in your life which are likely to unfold. You can also take advantage of the planets’ energies and harness their power to help you progress in areas that are important to you. An astrology reading by a gifted astrologer is quite an amazing experience, generalisations are thrown out of the window and the result will be truely thought provoking.

Q. I want to learn more about Tarot. How do I start?

O.K. Well Demian will ask you some questions about your level of experience. Some of Demian’s students are already working with the general public using Tarot skills and just feel that they need a helping hand to reach a higher level. Some students have no experience at all, so Demian’s teaching will be very different for them. Demian will arrange a meeting with you and will develop a series of tutorials which will help you develop. We all have different ways of learning, absorbing information, working with our brains, souls and intuition. Demian is an experienced teacher and will work in a way that suits your learning style. Demian is one of the most gifted Tarot readers in the country. He knows his craft inside and out but be prepared there will be some homework!