Horoscopes 2019




There are some major astrological themes that are being played out in the year 2019, starting with the entrance of Mars in Aries on New Year’s Day. This really kicks start the year 2019 as it forms a trine aspect with Jupiter in the second part of January. Jupiter is being a main player this year travelling in its own sign of Sagittarius bringing forth new educational methods to the collective, new bonds between counties coupled with a more philosophical attitude to the general crisis that we have all experienced from an economic and political viewpoint. On the 21st of January we have a supermoon and total lunar eclipse at 0 degrees in Leo a reminder of the need to be brave in our decisions regarding our futures. The planet Saturn remains steady in the zodiac sign of Capricorn while approaching a conjunction with Pluto towards the end of the year. This combination suggests new ways of dealing with money and collective debt. New economic structures will be put in place that serves to balance the choppy waters of financial chaos that most of us have seen. On the 6th of March, Uranus goes back into Taurus where it will remain for the next seven years creating change in property values, food prices and a new exciting generation emerging who were born with Uranus in Pisces. However this year will feel a less heavy energy than 2018, there is a lighter planetary feel when we all could feel that we are starting to rebuild ourselves on much more solid foundations.



Aries 2019



The sign Aries has a balancing act to do in 2019, some planets are working nicely with the rams and some are challenging in energy. The big news is that 2019 starts with a bang as your planetary ruler Mars enters your own sign on the 1st of January. This is a major boost to get your year well and truly into fourth gear. This is also helped by the planet Jupiter from the 7th going into another fire sign Sagittarius, helping you to find you own personal vision for the year ahead. However if you are born between the 1st of April and the 10th you could find yourself having to work twice as hard as you would like. For these rams the planet of discipline and structure Saturn is making a square aspect to your Sun sign for the entire year. During this period you can accomplish a lot within your career, just make sure that you don’t take any short cuts to get where you want to be, Saturn likes to take the long view in planning and steely determination. If you are born right at the end of Aries, 18th -20th then for the first three months of 2019 you have Uranus making a conjunction to your Sun in Aries, meaning that any aspects of your life that needs a shakeup in terms of how you respond and function will be pushed out of the way to allow new meanings and desires to surface in your consciousness. On a general note for all Arians, the planet Jupiter for the majority of the year is transiting your solar 9th house governing education, travel, philosophy and publishing, this heralds also a new spiritual perspective that enlivens you and expands your outer awareness, which are themes that the rams are more than comfortable with.





I think most bulls out there are still feeling the shocks of last year’s Uranus entering their own sign for the first time in eighty four years. However last year in November the planet Uranus went back into the previous sign of Aries and stays there until March 6th when it moves back into your own sign for the next seven years. This is going to affect early degree Taureans born Aril 20th – 27th the most, since Uranus will be aspecting your Sun sign, be prepared for unexpected changes and a few surprises that if you are open to can change your life in a positive way. For the rest of your Bulls you have the planet Saturn on your side as it continues to travel through Capricorn a sign that is in the same element as you. The planet Jupiter is transiting in your 8th solar house a placement of other people’s money including your partners where the expansion occurs in your life. This is also a good time to go through some inner spiritual development since the 8th house is the place of metaphorical death and rebirth. You can see that there is a theme developing for the bulls in 2019 and the word I would associate is transformation, since the planets involved are Jupiter and Uranus which can alter our perception of how we view our life. Since Taurus is a fixed sign and born under the element of earth it can at times see no reason to change, but change under these two planets is pardon the pun, written in the stars!






It’s all about Jupiter for the twins this year as Zeus of the zodiac travels through your opposite sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is making its way through your 7th solar house casting a light on your relationships and how you deal with those close to you, this can mean from a romantic perspective to a business partnership. The emphasis on this transit is expansion being created by those that we meet or step into our life. Jupiter can bring a restless energy with an added need to look for some kind of saviour to come along and rescue us from the mundane. With Jupiter opposing our sun sign we have to be careful of this scenario, because it can lead to those with this combination to be led down an unwanted path. The positive manifestation of this transit is opportunities being presented to us that help us to relate to others in a much more playful and spontaneous way. On April the 1st we have the planet Mars entering your own sign until the 16th of May, making you much more direct in your approach to dealing with others, just be careful in the first week of May that you don’t go overboard in not consider other people’s feeling, Mars and Jupiter opposing each other in your polarity point causes you be self-indulgent with your feelings. The main theme of 2019 for the twins is to be careful that you don’t scatter your energies in to many directions as well as the Jupiter factor you also have the planet Neptune still squaring your sun especially if you are born June 5th – 9th, you have to make sure you are not wearing your rose tinted glasses, a slice of reality would certainly put you back down to earth in a positive way.



Cancer 2019


This is going to be a busy year for Cancer as the planets Saturn and Pluto are travelling still in your opposite sign; you have the added bonus of the Moons South Node transiting in your own sign for the first time in nineteen years. It may well be a good idea to look back to the year 2000 to get a sense of the cycles and decisions that you made back then. This could prove to be revealing as we tend to respond to similar cycles in the same way. When dealing with the South Node we are responding in our instinctual default setting, what makes you feel secure, and does this help you progress or hinder your development? These are just some of the ongoing questions that during 2019 you will keep revisiting internally but also experience at an external level by those that you come into contact with. There is a tendency to mirror some of these issues on others, however because of the planets Saturn and Pluto transiting through Capricorn, partners and those close to you are going to put firm boundaries in places, forcing you to accept some of your weak points. Like I said earlier this is a big year for you all that can be highly transformative but complex in nature. This is going to be highlighted with the Solar and Lunar eclipses in January, July and December which have a direct influence on your sign.



Leo 2019


Leo’s would step in their hoards into my client practice last year, mainly because of the eclipses and the Moons Nodes travelling in their own sign. These cycles’ highlighted areas that the lion’s needed to work through in order to help their move into a new sphere of their life. However there is one more hurdle to get through on the 21st of January as we have a total lunar eclipse at 0 degrees in Leo   , bringing a close from last year and starting a new nineteen year cycle. This is more about how you reacted to the changes from last year that will give a clear indication of how this year pans out. Since Leos are ruled by the Sun any eclipses even if they are not in your own sign are going to have a major effect and shift in your vibration. The transit of Jupiter in another fire sign is going to inspire your need to be creative and expressive in your day to day life. This marks a new cycle in your ability to enjoy social activities especially in the areas of art, drama and children’s activities. There is such a strong pull towards the finer things in life that you could find yourself overdoing it in those areas, Jupiter is a planet that forgets boundaries and limitations. In August the planets the Sun, Venus and Mars are travelling in your own zodiac sign – a period when you will feel that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to, enjoy.







Virgo is a sign of the zodiac that always needs to feel that it is kept busy or has a purpose, more than any other sign. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the great messenger of the gods, meaning communication in all forms is an integral part of your nature. This year is going to be a year of opportunity for you, with the planet Jupiter transiting in your 4th house expect house moves and relocations. This is also added by Saturn travelling through another earth sign Capricorn in your solar 5th house of creativity and self-expression. Both planets are weaving their planetary magic on your core values and how you relate to other people in a social level. This allows new insights and ideas to begin to manifest in your day to day life. Which leads to an exciting year, just watch out for when Mercury, your ruler goes retrograde; the periods for 2019 are March 6th – 28th, July 8th – 31st and November 1st – 21st. During these weeks you may find that things begin to slow down or blocks and obstacles seem to constantly be in the way. The best advice I can give is to not make any big decisions if you can during these periods. If you are born from September 5th – 12th then you have the planet Neptune opposing your Sun sign, which means you are currently going to be going through quite a change in your personality, becoming much more sensitive around people and environments opening you up to a much more spiritual outlook in your life.



Libra 2019


There is a strong educational aspect to 2019; the mighty Jupiter is travelling in your solar 3rd house expanding your intellectual horizons. For many Librans the first half of the year is about you making sense of the last seven years and that period finally coming to an end in March of this year. If you step back and review this period you might find that you have become much more independent and stronger in your views on certain subject matters, it also means that you are more direct in your approach to communicating with family members. The planet Uranus has been travelling in your opposite sign since 2011 and on March 6th it leaves Aries not to return for another eighty four years. The significance of this is huge, since the opposite sign casts a light on how we deal with polarity with our self and others. For many Librans there will need to be a strong work ethic as the planet Saturn makes a square aspect to your Sun, this transpires in the family section of your chart, so be aware of extra responsibilities and duties in relation to those close to you. The planet Saturn also relates to property and the home, which could manifest as restructuring your home or building extensions within your own property in 2019.



Scorpio 2019


Opportunities came with a bang in 2018 and now it’s time to capitalise on them and show the world just hard you can work to achieve your ambitions. The two planets that rule your zodiac sign are Mars which is the traditional and Pluto your modern ruler. Mars travels in Aries in the first two months of the year which is situated in your solar 6th house of health and work, meaning you need to be careful that you are not being to direct in your communication with others. However on the 14th of February Mars moves into your opposite of Taurus for the next two months. This is a powerful combination that could go either way, it’s important that you listen to the opinions of others during this transit. If you become to bombarding in your views you are likely to cause friction and confrontation with those who usually try to support you. The general theme for 2019 is remaining constant in your objectives by not getting involving in other people’s dramas and issues. The lunar eclipses this year are helping you to use your communication and intuitive skills with wisdom and love, but only if you listen to your inner needs. The planet Jupiter is travelling for the majority of the year in your solar 2nd house of personal fiancé and resources, but also the astrological area of how we look after our body and feel about it, this could be the start of a new fitness programme that also has a certain philosophical leanings to it.




Sagittarians like to enter a room with a drum roll and in 2019 they have their planetary ruler Jupiter as the backup band – all is good when Zeus is on your side. This is a pivotal year as Jupiter for the first time in twelve years is travelling in your own zodiac sign. There is a need for expansion and freedom in your creative expression but also a new vision for what you want out of your future to come to your consciousness. The best time for this to occur is when Jupiter is retrograde during the period of April 11th – August 12th this gives an opportunity for a bit of self-reflection and not a time of launching new projects or manifesting new ideas. During the retrograde period of Jupiter it also squares the planet Neptune travelling in Pisces causing confusion in direction and boundaries being challenged in the home environment. However this is just a blip in a year when you feel one step ahead of the rest of the pack and if that is not enough, blind optimism will get you through most situations that arise that you feel are out of your control. In a way this should be your mantra for the year ‘all is well in my world’ because Jupiter does bear gifts, some of them are false promises and some of them are real opportunities that take you out of your comfort zone and expand your awareness of yourself and others.



Capricorn 2019


How was last year? Did you achieve all that you set out to do, or was it a case of one step forward and two steps back? Those of you born in the first ten days of Capricorn can expect a slightly easier time of it in regards to work and relationships. However if you are born between the 2nd – 12th of January you might find yourself lumbered with more responsibilities than even you would wince over. But this is a period in which you can reach great things and achieve so much if you keep your eye on the prize. Capricorns are a sign that likes to have a mountain to climb and your planetary ruler Saturn is certainly giving you a push in the right direction during 2019. If you are a Capricorn born between the 9th – 15th of January then you have the planet Pluto making a conjunction to your Sun sign during most of this year, this brings up a period of transformation and letting go of perceptions and opinions that no longer serve you in your life, this is a catalyst for change when Pluto comes knocking. The goats are in a precious period in 2019 when if they focus on the positive and remain fixed in their purpose, they will finally feeling that they are reaching the top of that mountain towards the end of the year.



Aquarius 2019


When writing about Aquarius I have to consider both planetary rulers Saturn and Uranus to get an idea of how your year will pan out. The first thing to consider is Saturn, which is travelling in the middle part of the zodiac sign Capricorn, residing in your 12th house. Now this is the same combination as last year, the difference is that Saturn is heading towards making a conjunction with the planet Pluto throughout the year. The significance of this is great internal personal transformation in your world view, or at least what you believe and what you don’t is experiencing a shift in outlook. The 12th house rules, seclusion, spirituality it is the portal to the next world, through dream or astral work it is the gatekeeper to the next world. Saturn and Pluto coming together force you to confront unconscioness truths to surface in your dream world or through meditation or yoga practice. While this is going on your secondary ruler Uranus for the first three months of the year travels through Aries, which it has been (apart from last year from May – November) for the last seven years. However on the 6th of March Uranus moves back into Taurus and ingress into your 4th house of home, family and ancestral past. Over the next seven years huge changes will take place in how you relate to the core of your inner foundations, including your past and where you come from in terms of family links. This is a period of breaking away from old traditions that might have posed as a security blanket in the past, but now you will begin to see that in order for you to develop as an individual you will need to restructure your basic survival emotions.




Pisces is a sign that likes escape routes, not in a negative way, but the thought that whatever they commit to in life there is always a get out clause or another option. This year you might have to fight much more strongly to maintain the relationships or work situations more than usual. This is not because you are being left behind or that work no longer requires your services, it’s just you might be more tempted this year for those ‘other options’. This is largely due to the fact that your modern ruler Jupiter is still traveling in your own sign, but also your traditional ruler Jupiter is transiting in another mutable sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is going to be igniting your career ambitions in 2019, catapulting you to be big and bold while keeping your feet on solid ground. Both the planets, Neptune and Jupiter are the high fliers of the zodiac that hate boundaries and any kind of structure, if you can keep grounded, then the world really will be your oyster. However if you go off in to many tangents all at the same time you could find yourself in the predicament of planning that escape route , while leaving a mess for others to sought out. This is really a year which depending on what kind of Pisces you are (yes there are two types), will set the tone for 2019. Get this year right, then you will be able to have as many options as you like, no one else is going to complain.