Horoscopes 2020

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Horoscopes 2020



Wow, what an astrological year we have, this is a major year of old and new cycles that come and go at quite a pace. The first occurrence is the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in January, when these two get together expect new governmental policies and structure to be put into action that will literally change the way that we govern for the future. We also have a Lunar Eclipse on the 10th January in Cancer at 10 degrees to add to the fire. The planet Jupiter is also joining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn to bring huge sweeping changes in foreign policy and spiritual awareness. On March 17th Saturn transits into Aquarius until July when it goes backwards back into Capricorn. Saturn in Aquarius is going to have an impact on social movements especially in climate change as its going to meet up with the planet of revolution Uranus. Then on June 28th Mars goes into Aries for the rest of the year, when it will also retrograde in September. Finally the great twenty year conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn right at the end of the year will be a first in the air signs for 250 years. We also have the eclipses starting a cycle in the middle of the year in Gemini and Sagittarius. This is going to be a testing and remarkable year of new beginnings for us all, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!



Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse January 10, 2020, at 20° Cancer 00′

Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse June 5, 2020, at 15° Sagittarius 34′

Annular SOLAR Eclipse June 21, 2020, at 0° Cancer 21′

Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse July 5, 2020, at 13° Capricorn 38′

Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse November 30, 2020, 8° Gemini 38′

Total SOLAR Eclipse December 14, 2020, at 23° at Sagittarius 08′




There is a lot going on with Aries this year, especially in your solar 10th house with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto meeting up with each other in the New Year. There is intensity when these three heavy weight planets get together in the sky, look at for power battles and unexpected promotions in the career aspect of your life. However the big news is your ruler Mars is going to be going retrograde from September 9th – November 14th in your own sign. This can sometimes mean a turbulent period for us all, but for you rams it is definitely a time to stand back from the ongoing commotion that Mars brings. On the 22nd of March Saturn moves into your 11th solar house, helping you to put structure in 2020 to your friendships and group activities, while the eclipses we shed a light on the home and career aspects of your life throughout the year. However this is a year when for the first time since 2011 that you are free completely from the planet Uranus being in your own sign. This should help you to balance your life into a much more stable condition than the last nine years, a time to celebrate your new sense of personal liberation.





The theme for the bulls this year is going to be expansion and change in personal outlook. The planet Jupiter is for most of the year travelling in another earth sign like yourself Capricorn which rules your solar 9th house. This placement is going to bring opportunities in education and training, long distance travel, philosophy and astrology are just some of the subject matters that fit with the ninth house. Jupiter is bold in its energy and wants you to be rewarded for thinking outside of your normal metaphorical box. However you also just probably got use to the energy of Uranus which still travels in your own sign of the zodiac. If you’re a Taurus that is born between the 24th and the 30th of April, then expect major changes in your life that should clear out any deadwood that you have experienced in the past. From the 13th May until 25th June we have a Venus retrograde in Gemini, this could have an impact on the way that you handle your financial situation. Venus being your ruler is going to mean that under a retrograde you could experience an awkward time, when you feel less confident, it also means that it is a general no go period for getting a haircut or buying clothes when Venus is going backwards.




There are a series of Solar and Lunar eclipses in 2020 that are taking place in your own sign and your opposite sign of Sagittarius. The meaning of these powerful eclipses, are bringing up to the surface your past and present relationships with others and how you interact with those close to you. This is a year when you can begin to feel that your feet are well and truly planted on the ground. Themes that could play out in 2020 are to do with expansion with investment for a business or a partners money increasing. The planet Uranus remains in the hidden area of your chart, brewing new unconscious patterns in dreams and spiritual insights that you can begin to work with in a practical way. On January 3rd the planet Mars transits into your opposing sign Sagittarius until the 15th; this will set the tone in the relationship area of your chart for the rest of the year. There will be lots of activities and energy towards another in the early part of this year that will demand extra attention in July. In May you have your ruler Mercury in your own zodiac sign, helping you to push through with new business ventures and communication skills.  The more that 2020 progresses the easier it becomes for the twins, there are plenty of opportunities to centre yourself and nurture your inner most needs.




This is a big astrological year for many crabs as was the year 2019; however 2020 will be the time when you really feel that you’re making progress in your life. This is marked by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in your opposite sign Capricorn which rules career in the natural zodiac. It also has an effect on the relationship sector of your chart, enabling a planetary energy to get to the bottom of issues that have been brewing in a partnership. This is also added by the ongoing eclipses in your own sign from last year and this coming year 2020. The first major lunar eclipse is on the 10th January at 20 degrees in Cancer. This is a major turning point in your own self development in how you value your own nurturing needs. There is also another Solar Eclipse on the 21st June at 0 degrees in your own sign, eclipses generally last for a six month period, high lightening areas in your own life that need your attention and focus. In your cases these series of eclipses are helping you to be much more independent in your personal actions and less absorbed by other people’s opinions. If you can harness this energy and make it work for you, then this can be a powerful year full of surprises and unexpected good fortune.




This is going to be a major year of expansion in health matters, co-workers and your general working environment. The planetary energy of Jupiter travelling in your solar sixth house will impact how you look after yourself; any fitness regime that has an exotic element to it will serve you well during 2020. On the 22nd of March until July 2nd the planet Saturn will move into your 7th house, the sector of partnerships and cooperation with others. Saturn is a planet that is comfortable in this area and is helped by the fact that it is transiting in Aquarius, its traditional ruler. Over the next two and half years the themes of duty, responsibility and structure will come into play when dealing with others on a romantic or business partnership. This will be intensified by a square aspect with Uranus from your solar 10th house of career matters. It’s important that you do not feel that you are in a process of taking too much on with others and work at the same time, balance is going to be the order of the day over the year. However right at the end of the year the planet Jupiter travels in your opposite sign of Aquarius, making way for growth and opportunity to present itself in the area of partnerships taking in through to 2021.




There are several major factors playing out for Virgos this year through the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. First of all the ongoing Neptune transit in your opposing sign of Pisces, will have an impact if you’re a Virgo born between the 6th and the 12th of September. Those born at that time will find that their sense of identity and connection with something that transcends reality is going to get stronger throughout this year. For those Virgos born in the first ten days, you are blessed by the aspect of Uranus connecting well with your sense of self and giving you opportunities to broaden your horizons. If you are born towards the end of the sun in Virgo then you have both Saturn and Pluto making a trine aspect to yourself, this brings with it positive inner and outer transformation – Pluto is on your side. The general theme for 2020 is going to be one of progression and personal development that can take place over the year. The biggest hurdle you have is not being true to yourself and allowing others to make decisions for you, it is important that you stand up for what you believe in.




This year is all about the home environment as three major planets are travelling in your solar 4th house. Jupiter is about expansion and could make you feel restless in your current environment with a strong need to move or travel in 2020. However both Saturn and Pluto are making a heavy conjunction in Capricorn in your 4th house at the beginning of the year. This can manifest as extra responsibilities that mean you are duty bound to other people’s expectations. However by the time we get to March this should be less of the case as Saturn moves into your 5th house and helps you put structure on your social life. Saturn stays in your 5th house until July when it transits back into your 4th house, again putting focus on your home life. The Lunar eclipse in your 10th house on the 10th January reinvigorates your aspirations and career in general. From 28th June – 6th January 2021 Mars is in Aries and is also going to be retrograde during that period and it is located in your 7th house. This placement is in the area of ‘other people’ and how those that are close to you feel. Libra is a sign that places a lot of energy are relating and cooperating with partnerships, the fiery energy of Mars is going to test your diplomacy and tact. However this can be a breakthrough year when you realise your own self power and independence in making quick and decisive decisions.




If you’re a Scorpio that is born between the 25th – 30th of October then you are dealing with the energy of Uranus in your opposing sign of Taurus. This can create a changeable energy that means you will have to be as adaptable as possible. Also for all Scorpions your modern ruler Pluto is making a heavy conjunction with the planet Saturn in your 3rd solar house of communications and short distant travel. This occurs right at the beginning of the year and puts a little bit of pressure on yourself in regard to how you deal with others. There is also a Mars retrograde which is your traditional ruler From September until late November in your 6th house, ruling your work environment and health issues. Be prepared to have delays in these matters during this period, retrogrades always drag things out from an energetic point of view. However the planet Jupiter is travelling in the work sector of your chart throughout the year giving you opportunities for advancement in your career and expansion in your daily activities. This will be a year of contrast, which basically means it will not be boring!





Over the last year and going into 2020 there is a lot of emphasis on the financial aspect of your life; this is going to increase by the emergence of Jupiter in your 2nd solar house. When Jupiter transits the money zone of your chart, it can bring a sense of optimism and big bold ideas. The other side of the coin is to allow your finances to have no boundaries and therefore create a mess. However with Saturn sill back and forth in your 2nd house throughout 2020, that should be enough to keep you disciplined with your finances.  During January and February the planet Mars is travelling in your own sign adding self-assertiveness and a can do attitude to the start of your New Year. This is a year that can herald a new set of personal values for you, including lifestyle changes and personal relationships as the eclipses from the second half of the year start to manifest.  You have a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th June at 15 degrees in your own sign and then on 14th a Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees, these are powerful times of change and refocus. Look at for the 30th November as well as we have a Lunar Eclipse in your opposing sign of Gemini ruling partnerships in general.





This is going to be one of those years which could define you in such a way you may not recognise yourself by the end of it. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are making some strong conjunctions in particularly the first half of the year. This is going to be an intense year full of expansion of awareness and the start of a new cycle in your emotional and spiritual outlook. You are also supported by the planet Uranus that is travelling in another earth sign like yourself Taurus, which rules your 5th house of social activities. On the 10th of January you have an Eclipse in your opposing sign of Cancer; this should begin to start a new energy and insight into those close to you. You have a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th July in your own sign, helping you to close a chapter in your life that began in the year 2000.Look out for the Mars retrograde from September until November which rules your 4th house an area to do with property and family, issues to do with these two subjects could have delays or general frustrations, try not to take it to personal. All in all a strong year when you can achieve an awful lot in a short space of time, it’s about working with the planets not against.




If there was ever a sign that enjoyed chaos, then it has to be Aquarius, as long as there is a certain amount of personal detachment from it all. This is a year when your objectivity is really needed to help others navigate their way through these unstable times. There are a lot of planets in the unconsciousness part of your chart, for good and bad. The good news is that you are much more aware of your own hidden motivations, the bad is so is everybody else including the collective! However this is an excellent time for any therapeutic learning or activity, since you are in a frame of mind that is adaptable to looking at your past actions in a completely different way. On the 22nd of March the planet Saturn for the first time in thirty years is transiting your own sign. This is a cycle of personal maturity and advancement in career aspirations that can help you to build on much more sold foundations over the next two and half years. Right at the end of the year in December the planet Jupiter also joins Saturn in your own sign, which has a great astrological significance for the collective, which is something that you enjoy and brings out the best in your personality – helping others.





Sometimes in life we need to connect with new people and colleagues who can help us in our aspirations. For most Pisces this is going to be a year of new friendships and group activity that will expand your own personal aims in life. There is such a pull towards you being open and adaptable that it is definitely a case of not what you know, but who you know. However in late March the planet Saturn moves into your solar 12th house, this can shed light on matters to do with past wounds that are now rearing there head up to your awareness. The usual remedy for this is to deepen a spiritual practice that allows being receptive to your own inner needs and how you value yourself. If you’re a Pisces that is born between March 7th – 12th then you have your modern ruler Neptune making a conjunction with your Sun. This is a time of restructuring how you see yourself, your basic ego and sense of identity which is going through a process of dissolving before being rebuilt. What you get out of this year is a chance to be with those that think along the same lines as you and are thee to support you, if you remain open.