Horoscopes 2021

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Horoscopes 2021



After 2020 I’m sure most of us are looking towards 2021 hoping that there will be a marked shift from last year. Well for many, the recent pandemic created from an astrological point of view through the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto making conjunctions in Capricorn certainly magnified 2020’s recent issues. However both Jupiter and Saturn now travel in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, which means that they are not influencing the planet Pluto (the ruler of collective virus) and therefore you would expect less fear (Saturn) and panic (Jupiter) to occur in the Western world. However we still have Uranus in Taurus in the decan of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces in the Decan of Mars/Pluto, which marks a turning point in how we now begin to respond to recent events. Technology is going to rule the roost as it starts to transform all our lives, created recently at the end of 2020 with a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in an air sign. So what can we expect in 2021? Well an easier ride that 2020 although it will feel for the first six months like a bad hangover from the precious year, but a period of great changes and new ways of dealing with the planet through a collective ideology of accepting each other as equals.

January/February 2021




Over the last six months, July 2020 until January 7th, 2021 Mars has been travelling in your own zodiac sign and at times going retrograde. This has seen a marked shift in your ability to be self-assertive without losing control. The year 2021 puts things in better perspective as you seek a better balance between ambition and reality. This does not mean that you cannot accomplish a lot during this year , it helps to create new opportunities that have been delayed over the last eight years.  One theme that is going to be playing out this year is your finances; the planet of disruption Uranus is still travelling in your solar 2nd house that allows you to be much more flexible in regard to money matters. This year could see you making money with two occupations rather than just one, which in turn gives you a different perspective on how you earn your money. Jupiter and Saturn have moved into the friendship zone of your chart putting an emphasis on how you get involved in the collective, either through groups, societies or political causes this year. Usually you’re a person who likes to do there own thing and strike out on your own, however the presence of Jupiter and Saturn is willing you to get involved in collaborating with others.





The effect of the planet Uranus travelling through your own sign is still strong, however it’s those born between 1st to the 6th of May that are going to feel the full charge of Uranus. First of all be prepared for major changes in your life, direction and relationships with others. Taurus is a zodiac sign that does not enjoy change, especially if it is seemingly out of their control. However over the next year you might have to become a lot more adaptable to the trials and tribulations of life. This could lead you into getting involved with environmental causes or groups in general that advocate a strong humanitarian ethos. There is such a strong pull to wanting to now look at the big picture rather than small facts. This could lead in the long term to some career insights for the future. This will be especially prevalent on the 23rd of April with the New Moon in your own sign. This next year is about you breaking new ground and showing the whole world that your not just a bull endlessly ploughing the earth beside you, that you are in fact a pioneer and a crusader for the truth!





Gemini is a sign that likes change, unlike its previous sign, however sometimes you can change to many times and end up more confused that when you started.  However this year is all about the planet Jupiter as it travels through another air element sign like yourself Aquarius . This is placed in the 9th solar house, the placement of self-discovery and therefore your in for a year of inner and outer self-development. This is also a good time for any publishing or writing that you may have wanted to embark on in the past. Your ruler Mercury is working to your advantage during the month of May, but then goes retrograde during your birthday month of June, so be aware. For a short period from May until the end of July, Jupiter moves into your 10th house, starting a new cycle of career aspirations about your work, meaning you could be looking for much more flexibility in your day to day working environment for 2021.






The Moon is the ruler of your zodiac sign and she ebbs and flows through the twelve signs absorbing on an emotional scale. With the Moon as your ruler its important that you don’t become to influenced by others, especially in regard to major decisions. This is the key theme for you in 2021, making sure that you use your renowned intuition much more. The planets Jupiter and Saturn have now left your opposing sign Capricorn for a long time, this gives you a far clearer perspective on other people’s true motivations. It also allows you to be less consumed by fear of ‘what might happen’ and preoccupied now by a much more optimistic attitude. This contributes to a far more relaxed attitude for the year ahead when you find yourself being able to enjoy social activities much more.  The planet Uranus is also helping you to find and seek new interesting friendships within groups and humanitarian societies. All in all a year of expansion and endless possibilities without the restrictions that you have experienced over the last three a half year.





2021 is a big year for you in terms of personal relationships and how others view you romantically and as a business partner. Both heavyweight planets Jupiter and Saturn are transiting through your 7th solar house. This combination is likely to put all the planetary emphasis on dealing with others, sometimes diplomatically and sometimes there will be a need for you to stand up for yourself. There is still a transit of Uranus  travelling in the career zone of your chart , creating a new way of looking at your work including needing to be adaptable to environments. This is such a powerful year of opportunity and progress; however you will need your steely determination to succeed. The planetary energy for you in 2021 is pushing you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unconventional. Leo is a sign of the zodiac that likes to be creative for the benefit of others, weather this is in a teaching role or helping those less fortunate than themselves, there is an inner need to connect with others – and this is the year when you plunge yourself into the lives of others.





Virgo is a sign that likes to keep itself busy, internally with its thinking and externally with outside interests, this is mainly due to its planetary ruler Mercury and its duality. Mercury always goes retrograde at least four times a year and therefore there will always be slow periods. However for a majority of you the planet that has zapped your energy and created a muddling of the senses since 2011 is Neptune. This is the planet of illusion and mystery and can either take is on an adventure or down a rabbit hole. Either way for most of you this planetary energy is less noticeable this year, however if you’re a Virgo that is born between September 12th – 22nd then you will be experiencing the full illusionary aspect of Neptune. Not that this is a bad thing, more that you will be engrossed in inner worlds as opposed to the more materialistic aspects of life. For most of you 2021 will be a year when self-discipline will be high on your own personal agenda to do with your general health as Jupiter and Saturn travel in your solar 6th house. This is the year to start a new health regime or diet, the planets are demanding that you start a new cycle in terms of your mind, body and spirit.






This is going to be a year of self-expression  and creativity for most Librans who are prepared to take a chance and gamble on security. Over the last few years you have been bombarded by a number of difficult planetary cycles that have left you hanging by a thread in a metaphorical sense.  However this year gives you the ability to concentrate solely on yourself rather than others. At first most of you will find this a difficult concept since you are the sign of partnerships, but if you allow yourself to embrace this newfound inner freedom in the long term you could find yourself even busier on a social level. New creative projects and collaborations are going to manifest out of thin air since there is an emphasis of planets travelling in your solar 5th house. This is also the placement of romance, social activities and children, this could be a year when all three themes become major aspects of your life. The New Moon on the 18th of July should be an indicator of new opportunities in relation to your career. Periods when life appears to run smoothly is May and late September when your ruler Venus is transiting positive signs.





Scorpio is a fixed sign of the zodiac that likes to be the creator of internal change on an emotional level, but most Scorpios are less happy with external change in their life. This is something that they are going to have to get use to this year, especially if you’re a Scorpio that is born between the 1st and the 7th of November. This is because the planet of disruption Uranus is going to be opposing your Sun in your chart. If you can be open to changes that come your way, then what could seem like a bumpy ride could turn into metaphorical gold. One of the major themes that are dominating your life is family and the home or property issues. This is down to the planets Jupiter and Saturn transiting your 4th house, which rules your inner security and your ancestral lineage. Some of the experiences that may arise in the year is moving to a new house or location, education in the home or running workshops from your home space. You could also find yourself looking after someone in the family or being a situation when duty becomes a theme in your life. This is a year when you also progress within freeing yourself from internal patterns past down from your upbringing.




Over the last two years you might have experienced an over emphasis on financial matters, maybe in terms of how much money you make, or from a fear that stems from past patterns. However 2021 releases from these preoccupations as the planets Jupiter (your ruler) and Saturn moves into your solar 3rd house. This is a turning point as you put communication in all forms as your priority in expression and drive. Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that needs a vision, and this year its all about reaching a bigger audience with your own message. This could take the form of teaching or learning in an educational setting, it could also mean writing, blogging or setting up a new social media channel. There is such a strong pull to want to connect with many different types of people and experience different beliefs and opinions. From early May till Late July your planetary ruler Jupiter transits into your 4th house prompting an inner restlessness regarding your home, perhaps you redecorate or contemplate moving home. However this is a year of external progression in how you interact with others in your own unique way.





If ever there was a year that gives you a break in life, then for you Capricorns 2021 is it in many ways  just that, as new areas of interest unfold over the next twelve months. The first major aspect is that your ruler Saturn moves out of your own sign into your solar 2nd house, the placement of finance. Discipline and hard work in relation to money matters will be the order of the day this year. You also have the planet Jupiter in your 2nd house giving way to an expansive visionary view of finances for your future.  This is going to be an important year when you carve out a new career, direction in how you earn your money that could include investment and speculation. There is such a strong pull towards the financial area of your and improvements that can be made. However this is also about the last two years in what you have learnt about yourself and what aspects you can take from it going into 2021. This whole year should feel lighter and much freer in your own personal self-expression. The only drawback is that you could find yourself putting the blinkers on when it comes to other people’s feelings just because you are so focused on your work, make sure that you remain open to the feelings of those close to you.





2021 is your year, there are some many planets that will be transiting at different times in your own zodiac sign heralding a new cycle in your life. The first one is the planet Jupiter that travels in Aquarius throughout most of the year. The second is your traditional ruler Saturn is also traveling in your own sign. These two planets also create a conjunction with each other in the self-development part of your solar chart. This brings up the question of how to utilise all this energy that is around you? The best way to manage this year is to understand that some things in your life will need to drop away and other aspects will need you to be much more focused on. The hard part is going to be decide between what needs to go and what you need to be attentive to. At first this could feel like the dark night of the soul, but once you see your inner truth and path , then that’s when things begin to unlock for you in ways that you could never imagine happening to you.





One thing that every Pisces like to do is have a sanctuary, a place where they can get away from the trials and tribulations of life. There is so much planetary activity in your solar 12th house that a need for solitude and recuperation is going to be fundamental to the next twelve years. This could take the form of meditation classes, meditation, self-development or creative projects like writing or painting. You need to feel that you can escape into a peaceful inspiring inner world, the negative aspect is through unnatural highs or escapist tendencies because you cant face reality. This is the balance that you will need to keep in check, and this can be achieved through self-discipline and facing up to reality once in a while. Your modern ruler Neptune is still transiting through your own sign, but now is in the third decan of Pisces which is sub ruled by Mars and Pluto, so it is a bit more volatile than it has been. This means that your emotions are now going to be much more to the surface than before and therefore others around you will see much more of your insecurities and fears but also your positivity and empathy.