• June 2024

      June June promises to a lighter four weeks than the previous, as there is a dominance of the air element in the zodiac signs. However on the 9th the planet Mars moves into Taurus where the planet of war is unable to function since it is in detriment. The consequence of this is from Continue reading »

  • May 2024

    This is a significant month as the planets are action orientated, both Venus and Mars are in zodiac signs of rulership, which means that they can fully function. The first major astrological development this month is the retrograde of Pluto in Aquarius on the 2nd. Pluto is all about power and themes coming up to Continue reading »

  • April 2024

    The planetary activity this month is one of movement apart from Mercury which is retrograde in Aries until the 25th when it moves direct. This is made more complicated by the conjunction over the month with the planet Venus which is also in Aries from the 6th. The planet of assertiveness Mars is transiting in Continue reading »

  • March 2024

    The intensity of the previous month does not wane as the square aspect between Mars and Uranus gets closer and is particularly potent on the 9th. The erratic energy of this combination in fixed signs could cause explosive results. On the 12th we have the planet Venus moving into the zodiac sign of Pisces which Continue reading »

  • February 2024

    All of the planets are moving direct this month , which usually indicates a month when a lot occurs in a short space of time in terms of news and politics. The planet Mars moves from Capricorn its exaltation to Aquarius on the 14th , this combination can be quite revolutionary as it seeks to Continue reading »

  • January 2024

    The New Year starts with a bang from the 2nd as Mercury begins to move forward at 22 degrees in Sagittarius which also forms a square aspect with Neptune in Pisces. This can be a muddled and confusing aspect between two planets that do not compliment each other. However it can also help to clear Continue reading »

  • December 2023

    This month starts with the planet Mercury being in detriment as it transits through Sagittarius until the 2nd when it moves into Capricorn. However from the 13th Mercury goes retrograde and on the 24th re-enters Sagittarius. This means that Mercury is operating with one hand tied behind its back, communication, technology, and transportation all become Continue reading »

  • November 2023

    There is a planetary intensity this month as Mars is travelling in its rulership zodiac sign of Scorpio, creating a wave of collective transformation until the 25th when the God of War transits Sagittarius. Jupiter is still retrograde in Taurus forcing issues to do with the banking sector and property prices being in the news Continue reading »

  • October 2023

    All of the outer planets are in retrograde motion this month , this means that major collective , cultural, and economic issues are in the media spotlight. On the 12th Mars enters into Scorpio its traditional rulership, giving an astrological energy of strength and purpose. However as we head towards the end of the month Continue reading »

  • September 2023

    The good news is that on the 4th the planet Venus goes direct, while the not so good news is a few hours later Jupiter goes retrograde. This sets the tone of the month as the planetary activity suggests a turbulent time from a political angle. On the 15th we have a New Moon at Continue reading »