• May 2020

    We have four planets retrograde this month, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, meaning there is a ground hog day feeling over the next four weeks. This is striking from the 13th as Venus goes retrograde in Gemini; too many options on the table could be a good description of this union. From a political point Continue reading »

  • April 2020

    April On the 1st of this month the malefic planets Mars and Saturn make a conjunction with each other in Aquarius, revolution is in the air. For the UK this is placed in their 5th house of creativity and speculation, while the USA has the conjunction in their 3rd house, both countries are planning new Continue reading »

  • March 2020 Horoscopes

    The month of March has Mercury retrograde in Pisces from the 1st until the 10th; Mercury is not comfortable in the zodiac sign of the fish nor does bode well in Aquarius. This can cause problems in oceans, out marine life and fishing industries in general or at least in the news. It can also Continue reading »

  • February 2020

    The ongoing conjunction between Saturn and Pluto eases up this month making us all feel a little bit less anxious about our future. However on the 19th Mars and Uranus form a trine aspect to each other, this can be positive if a little bit manic in its planetary energy for us all. On the Continue reading »

  • November 2019

    We are now entering into the death and rebirth period of the astrological calendar, a cycle that seeks to help us understand the deeper aspects of human behaviour. This is going to be fully expressed through Mercury retrograde for most of the month in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. This will need some creative thinking Continue reading »

  • October 2019

    The month of October is dominated by two inner planets that are travelling in signs of their detriment. Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th and Mars ingress into Libra on the 4th, the astrological significance of these combinations creates frustration and complications. On the 13th Venus opposes Uranus in two fixed signs of the zodiac Continue reading »

  • July Horoscopes 2019

    Relief for us all as the planet Mars on the 2nd moved in the royal sign of Leo moving out of its fall in Cancer, a far better fit astrologically. However we have a Mercury retrograde starting on the 8th till the 1st of August.  This is going to be a heavy retrograde since Mercury Continue reading »

  • May Horoscopes 2019

    We now enter into the second phase of spring with the fixed nature of the Sun in Taurus bringing stability and focus. Venus the ruler of Taurus is travelling in the zodiac sign of Aries until the 15th when it enters into Taurus to bask in its own glory. From a political view point the Continue reading »

  • April Horoscopes 2019

    April 2019 For the first time since Jupiter entered into Sagittarius back in November 2018, the planet goes retrograde on the 10th where it will remain going backwards till mid-August. This creates a much more reflective planetary energy that can be used to make sure that any plans or new ventures that were started back Continue reading »

  • January and February Horoscopes 2019

        2019   There are some major astrological themes that are being played out in the year 2019, starting with the entrance of Mars in Aries on New Year’s Day. This really kicks start the year 2019 as it forms a trine aspect with Jupiter in the second part of January. Jupiter is being Continue reading »