April Horoscopes 2018

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The uncertainty that surrounded last month continues as Mercury is retrograde until the 15th when it moves direct, however it is still in its shadow period until the beginning of May, slowing communication down. However Venus is in its rulership in Taurus until the 25th helping to heighten our collective responses for more peaceful and cultural transitions instead of constant friction. On the 17th Venus and Jupiter oppose, adding an optimistic view of the world through the media, almost romantic in essence. This will all be spiced up by the asteroid Chiron which since 2011 has been travelling in Pisces stirring up escapist fantasies. Then on the 17th moves into Aries where it will remain to the end of September, when it moves back into the zodiac sign of the fish. This is an important astrological event; Aries from a symbolic level is about courage, new enterprise and the emergence of self. Chiron the wounded healer draws down the energy of cultural change and where as a collective we have been wounded in the past come up to the surface.


April has an extra spring in its step especially from the 15th as Mercury moves direct in your zodiac sign. Mars is traveling in the work sector of your chart allowing you to make strong decisions and make a real impact in your industry. Any new plans that you put in place in the New Year will now be tested from a practical point of view as Saturn goes retrograde in your Solar 10th house from the 18th.


This is a powerful month for the bulls, your planetary ruler Venus travels in your own sign from the 1st until the 25th, take advantage of this charming combination in getting what you want.  This is a yearly cycle of Venus that helps you draw down the energy of the planet in your everyday life. Next month the bulls get shaken to the core as Uranus travels in your own sign, so make peace before that happens.


The good news for you twins is that on the 15th Mercury starts to move forward in the sign of Aries bringing the chaos of communication from last month to a close. This will be a relief to most of you as you start to implement plans for the year; indeed April could feel that this is your unofficial start of the year as you seek a better understanding of yourself and others.


From the retrograde of Jupiter to the retrograde of Saturn in your opposite sign from the 18th is the focal point of April. How you handle these planetary shifts is going to be dictated by your feelings and if you allow them to overwhelm you. The point of this cycle is to understand that you are in a position of great power and reserves of energy that can be used in a constructive way if you choose.


The planetary energy directs you to be seen in your occupation and social standing as the Sun your ruler reaches the midday part of your solar chart. This month is also supported by Venus assisting your career plans while the Mercury retrograde helps you to see your spiritual morals take a more reflective quality.


Mercury until the 15th and Jupiter are both stepping backwards in April and from the 18th Saturn also turns retrograde. This is usually a time of new beginnings in the astrological calendar, but with with the planets going in the opposite direction it could feel like history is repeating itself for Virgos, try not to allow yourself to get caught up in the little dramas, they only serve to drain your mental energy.


The emphasis is still on relating to others and your response to emotional blocks, but this month sees a much more fiery aspect when navigating the dramas of others. Venus at the beginning of the month is travelling in Taurus which it rules as well as your own sign; this increases its ability to add charm, diplomacy and harmony for April.


Mars your ruler enters into Capricorn a sign that Mars is exalted in and therefore works well in directing its energy towards you. This is especially in your communication skills in getting your point across; this is added by the presence of Saturn also in your 3rd Solar house, keeping you busy with projects and jaunts here and there


Last month saw your ruler Jupiter go retrograde for the first time since entering Scorpio and will continue until July. Over the next four months is a period to take stock of your inner development and your need to make room for quiet retreat. This does not sound all that archers, but it is a focal point for you to learn in the course of the year.


So far 2018 could feel quite refreshing and exciting for a majority of Capricorns, but as Saturn steps backwards from the 18th you could find yourself having to slow down and take in stock of what you have achieved since the beginning of the year. However there is an impulsive energy around you at the moment so slowing down is not on your agenda; make it a choice rather than a forced option.


There always a sense of playing devil’s advocate in the Aquarius personality and with the Sun shining on the communication zone of your chart you could find yourself being a little bit controversial in your opinions. This could also be intensified by Jupiter and Venus squaring your Sun bringing a little bit of self-indulgence your way.


Jupiter your traditional ruler is now firmly traveling backwards in another water sign like yourself Scorpio. The implications are on inner development and travel plans, that means that you might have to reconsider your next educational and leisure pursuits making sure that there is plenty of time to not be held up by delays in those key areas