Lilith in Astrology


Today I want to write about and concentrate on the Black Moon Lilith, the second centre of the Moons elliptical orbit around the earth. Which basically means that the Black Moon is a geometrical point, like the ascendant and the MC. The Astronomy in simplistic terms, the BML is the Moons furthest point in its orbit around earth. The Moons orbit is elliptical and therefore its path around the Earth each month has two distinct points. One point in the orbit is the closest distance to earth, called the Perigee and the furthest point in the orbit, called the Apogee.


This Black Moon is named Lilith after the dark goddess in mythology and bears its ‘energy’ or symbolism on desire and power. However most people will know Lilith from the Hebrew myth. Lilith was the first wife of Adam, who expects Lilith to be submissive to him, Lilith does not bow to his wish and utters the secret name of God and flies off to a lifelong exile near the Red sea. According to the myth Lilith then cavorts with evil spirits. Yahweh (God) sends three angels to bring her back, though is threatened with the death of a hundred children per day, again she refuses to obey. So Yahweh creates another partner for Adam, created from him not as a whole in her own right like Lilith, Eve is born. The myth goes on to say that jealously and rage is generated from a rejection by God and motivates Lilith to come in the night for her revenge, strangling babies and giving men wet dreams to sap their strength.


Another Myth that relates to Lilith as an archetype is in Hindu mythology Kali-Lalita, She is dual by nature, Kali is depicted as gruesome, but also as a mother/lover goddess. She is often holding a severed head and is the divine Shakti energy, creator and destroyer of universes. The lalita side of her nature is sensuous and strong willed, she has four arms with a bow in one, Shiva lord of the dance could not even resit her, lalita is the embodiment of love and sexuality. These themes and myths give an indicator of the astrological manifestations of the Black Moon Lilith. However you can only judge by actually using Lilith in your astrology readings.


The first things to be aware of is culture in astrology, the main glue that bonds the myths of Lilith is the relationship between man and a woman or the sexual side of human relationships. I believe that currently we are going through a revolution in the western world in regard to personal/sexual relationships.  There seems to be a technological transformation as well as a gender and sexuality transition that is taking place. Now I believe that this is partly down to other astrological aspects, Uranus in Aries and the axis between Libra, Neptune in Pisces and of course Black Moon Lilith.


So, how does Lilith come into action through astrology and readings, the first thing to look at is the meanings of Lilith in terms of gender.


For a woman, Lilith represents inner strength a high degree of creativity coupled with a curious need for power through the idea of the femmine. But it can also show where we can be vengeful and what area in regard to sign, how the energy is expressed the house where it will manifest and the aspects the final piece of the drama. A woman scorned could be the perfect description of Lilith’s negative energy, the cycle of daughter, lover, wife, and mother is also symbolically represented in Lilith’s energy, Lilith is creative and self-destructive.



Lilith in a man’s chart can manifest the type of woman he is attracted to that he knows is forbidden fruit or that he is slightly scared of. She becomes the mistress in the man’s chart, this can be seen as a sort of sexual – creative aspect that is hidden and not seen unless put in extreme circumstance. The man is either involved in Kali or lalita depending and how comfortable he is with his own sexuality, Lilith is the dark undertones that are not displayed readily to the world, it takes an external force (person) to bring these deep seated issues to the personality. The sign that Lilith is in describes the type of mistress he would feel attracted to or repulsed by, the house shows the area that he would meet that person, i.e. 3rd house education, 10th work. The aspects show whether he will allow himself to manifest and play out this attraction, trine – easy, take it or leave it, opposition, conflict between desire and morality, square – something has to happen.


The Black Moon Lilith when used in astrology can shed light on a whole host of skeletons in the closet, but it can also reveal our deepest desires and needs, which can lead to self-liberation if used correctly.