February Horoscopes

The energy of the month becomes a little lighter for most of us the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all travelling in the sign of Aquarius and the North Node is in the opposite sign of Leo. This axis helps to focus us all on the individual and the collective. The opposing nature of February means that some interesting decisions can be made by political leaders. This will be particularly clear early in the month when we have much more of an Aquarian theme in the planetary energy. The New Moon on the 15th at 27 degrees in Aquarius ‘ a stately mansion surrounded by trees in an expanse of pastureland’ meaning ‘Possession’ it is also the degree of Astrology, which could bring the planets into the public’s attention in terms of cycles or even new discoveries. However the theme of the month is more on the environmental factor and how as humans we can rise above the capitalism that is polarising us.



To be taken seriously in your work is something that you are more aware of since the planet Saturn moved into your solar 10th house. Your status amongst your work colleagues is growing and as Oscar Wilde once said ‘There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. This is a stage in your life when your superiors will be taking a long hard look at your ability to take on extra responsibility, a good time to show one of your best assets, your natural leadership’s skills.



This month could feel like a breeze compared to the previous month, your ruler Venus travels through two signs, Aquarius until the 11th when it moves into Pisces. The impact of this is a creative urge to lighten up the mood and converse with new social contacts in a way that is unusual for you. The only drawback is Jupiter helping you to lead you to the road of excess and all its pitfalls, the bull is slightly unaware when they have just pushed it that little too far, but then again after January maybe your justified.


There are flashes of spiritual inspiration this month as your ruler Mercury is travelling in another air sign Aquarius in the higher wisdom part of your chart. This allows you to grasp new concepts quickly but also to give good advice to others who are wrestling with the meaning of life questions that we all like to dwell on from time to time. So play the role of the guru and allow these new insights to help others on their own personal quests.


The expansive energy of Jupiter is pushing you in many different directions in terms of your own self-expression; there is a need to assert your individuality in your social circle. This will be intensified in the early part of the month when Mars and Venus clash with each other in the sky. The planet Uranus is also moving forward in the career zone of your chart, this has been an influence since 2011 and has created many changes and unexpected gains, keep an open mind.


There is a huge amount of focus on how people close friends respond to you in February to the point where you mind find yourself explaining past decisions and motivations. This could lead to some frank exchanges on your part, however you must also realise that you are a ball of energy that others like to draw on when they feel emotionally depleted, try to detach from the energy of groups and individuals who drain you on a personal level this month.


You may find yourself spreading yourself rather too thin in most areas of your life; the energy over the next four weeks from a planetary perspective is manic. You are a zodiac sign that appreciates some kind of order and structure in everyday maters, however this month, you could find that your time is spent trying to get plans back on track after some obstacles, but don’t panic, if there is one sign that can achieve a sense of balance in chaos , it’s you.


This month proves to be quite fruitful; there is a lot of airy energy in the planets over the next four weeks, which suits your temperament rather well. The romantic and artistic in the second half of the month starts to find a new inner meaning in your life, this sounds farfetched, but when you are a person that admires beauty then the world has a knack for reflecting that beauty back in your direction, enjoy.


Financial matters and how you earn your money is going to be the main feature of this month. Being a creative sign you should be able to look at alternative ways to increase your monetary situation. Jupiter is also helping you to expand into new avenues in terms of your work and general outlook in life; this is a period in your life to think outside the box.


The forcefulness of Mars still makes its planetary impact in February; this could feel like a month that zooms by at such a pace you can’t catch your breath. However the most important aspect is how you communicate your ideas and problems to others, the Sun is travelling in your 3rd solar house, allowing new insights and an ability to shine a light on matters that mean so much to a variety of people around you.


Capricorns have a real chance over the coming year to direct their career down new avenues, especially if it’s their own business or project. If this is the case then this is a month when the practical aspects of a new venture begin to take shape with forward planning. If not then you are a Capricorn that is looking very sternly at your financial situation – try to remain optimistic.


As the Sun is now travelling for the majority of the month in your zodiac sign you can be sure of new developments and insights into yourself and personality. This can be a very spiritual few weeks when you can gain access to your own motivations, but also reflect on the past twelve months and how far you have come and as with any typical Aquarian looking forward to the future.


If you kept grounded in the previous month then you may find February the complete opposite as Mercury and Venus join forces in your own sign in the second half of the month. Your ruler Neptune is also moving direct and this gives you a lift from the doldrums adding a dramatic twist to social activities that will keep you talking and metaphorically swimming in the deepest oceans.