Why Your Birth Time Matters

Astrology is a complicated intuitive science that enables humankind to look to the whole universe for answers to life`s big questions. Your exact birth time is reveals your cosmic DNA, allowing our higher self to integrate with our earthly body.

Imagine when you are born as a newborn baby, you take your first breath into this dimension called earth. At that first breath, an archetypal photographer looked up to the celestial skies, and took a photograph of where all the planets, signs and aspects were the time you were born. That moment becomes you universal map. It is your guide to the past, present and the future. It can show your talents, your challenges and of course the type of relationships you will have in this life.

Don`t panic and think that your future is signed and sealed; breath easy, knowing that your birth chart works in conjunction with free will! Your chart is merely a map for you to follow or disagree with. We all have free will and nothing can dictate our future unless we allow it.

For example you might have just met a new romantic mate, however you are unsure of how the relationship is going to develop. You consult your chart, which shows that a strong romantic connection will be made between your natal Venus (love) and Uranus (planet of the unpredictable ). Your response might be to ignore the relationship, realising that the eccentric temperament of Uranus being involved in the partnership could be a detriment to the ideal of what you want. That is your choice!

On the other hand, you could see this new relationship as a gateway to a completely different way of experiencing love and partnerships, which challenges you, but also makes you feel alive within your emotions. It is up to you to respond to the situation life has presented you with.

The exact time that you were born allows the astrologer to see how you can best utilise your skills in getting through life. The position of the planets and which zodiac signs they fall under can help us understand the importance of just why we were born at a certain time in a particular environment. Knowing your exact birth time helps the Astrologer to gain a complete understanding of your journey.

If you don`t know your exact birth time, you might be surprised to know that an astrologer can find it for you, using a process called rectification. The astrologer uses certain major cycles that have already passed through your life to determine your birth time, for example, marriage, change of career, children or even stressful periods in your life. By locating these ‘eventful’ times, the astrologer can pinpoint a birth time that matches your journey and mirrors your soul.

By knowing your birth time, you can begin to understand and work with the cycles that appear in your life, allowing you to bring more positive change.