The Psychic Shudder

The Psychic Shudder


By Demian Allan




Moments in time create memories that we as humans can feed back to when we are in a sentimental mood or if we want to refer to an event that has passed. But some moments in our life are stronger than others, some moments strike such a cord in us that they can define who we are as we carry on in this journey in life. Those moments I call a ‘psychic shudder’ it is a period in time that has made such an impact on our soul and auric field that our life begins a process of trying to save and restore our ‘energy’ to its original form.  Many people have ‘psychic shudder’s’ not all of them in the life they are currently living, which I will go in to more details in later chapters. Some of these shudders can be positive and some can be negative, we live in a world where we are bombarded with information and different types of energies. These energies can include electricity, Wi-Fi, radio waves, noise pollution, aggressive behaviour and different stages of lightening. All can have an influence on our psychic selves. But first let me define to you the idea of our psychic self.



As humans we have many different levels to us, we have the physical body that carries us and through the physical body we experience the sensual and bodily functions of our own development.  For example a baby experiences its relationship to the physical world through the body as it learns to walk and through the five senses, although a young child can also experience the sixth sense because it is open to other dimensions although not consciousness of this.  Therefore it inhabits the body that it is born into, weather not this body suits the energy of the child is another thing and in one way it is the first point of a ‘psychic shudder’ for the body that the soul inhabits might not be conducive in terms of how the child wants to experience its life, there is a period of getting use to the new shell. Once the child becomes comfortable in the body the emotional level  comes to fruition, this is the realm of wants, desires and emotional responses like, love, empathy, anger, likes and dislikes to name but a few. The next level is the mental development; this is the logical approach to life for the young child, which means that the retaining of information through language, objects and in some form memory. These are three main stages of the human experience, physical, emotional and mental; there is a fourth which is spiritual or a soul level. The psychic self is a bridge between the physical, emotional, mental to the spiritual it is a gateway that can be tapped into through spiritual development and creativity. Some individuals can exist on this psychic level for a majority of time; these people would come under the category of the clairvoyants, mediums healers and light workers. The more sensitive you are as a person the more likely that you are tapping into the ‘psychic level’ on an everyday basis, not that this is a bad thing, but since the world deals with the psychological approach in children and adults it can be hard to express the psychic level in life. To describe the psychic is to use the word ‘perception’ meaning a higher level of consciousness that transcends the ordinary. This would come under the realm of paranormal activity, a knowing or simply a greater understanding that we are all connected in some form with all that is living in the universe.  The psychic level is a realm the deals primarily with the essence of ‘truth’ and understanding. Some people are not aware of the ‘psychic realm’ in their lives until a major event takes place that requires them to step out of their usual perception and look beyond. The psychic shudder is one aspect of this; it allows the integration of the physical, emotional, mental and soul level to in a way start talking to each other.  The moment that a person has a psychic shudder is important because the energy and creative elements that occur during that ‘moment’ allow the experience to be positive or negative depending on the influence.


Over the years of doing professional psychic readings myself I have experienced many clients who have had a psychic shudders which has led them to open up to their higher selves. The most important first step is recognising when that psychic shudder occurred and indeed this may be due to someone else’s psychic shudder or an ancestor’s link with the past.





Energy is all around us, we tap into this energy all of the time, whether it’s another person’s energy for example someone is happy or negative we respond to that vibration. The Psychic Shudder works on different frequencies that we as humans on an individual and collective basis are tuned into. If we watch some news where a tragedy has occurred we tap into a collective frequency that allows the emotional aspects of sadness, grief and anger to take place whenever the subject in the news is mentioned in conversation or through the media. In the collective stage we can access this frequency at random, because we view it through the lens of a third person, it does not affect us personally. This type of none action is passive but still a frequency level that can have an impact on our psychic centres or chakras.



The Seven Chakras


The Crown Chakra

Above the head, this chakra is to do with universal consciousness and higher states of being, when activated it can bring into the forces of mediumship, the ability to contact none human forms as well as the deceased. Problem can occur when this chakra is over activated since the opposite directly of this chakra is the ‘root’ chakra which is responsible for grounding in this planet Earth. The Crown Chakra allows the higher forces to penetrate the consciousness of the individual for higher knowledge, if used wisely. Many who use this chakra find it difficult to feel as if they are of this world and can in some cases be open to all sorts of energies and indeed psychic shudders.


The Third Eye Chakra

Located near the pineal gland in the forehead this chakra releases the creative insight of the individual. The ability to see the past, present and future is activated by the use of clairvoyance as well sensitivity to past memories of a place or building. Over stimulated can cause imbalances in being able to view your own life with a certain detachment, the ability to separate fact from fiction can become blurred and unsteady, leaving a person indecisive and unable to make a direct decision.  Many who access this chakra through psychic development at first can be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of information that is seen in the mind’s eye, regular meditation can help to focus the mind and allow the external energy that is being picked up to serve its purpose rather than the usual ‘monkey chatter; that goes on inside most humans minds.

The Throat Chakra


Situated near the Adams apple the throat chakra is a powerful chakra that rules all forms of communication, therefore the brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and thyroid gland coming under the umbrella of this chakra. I find that of all the chakras this is the one that gets blocked the most often, mainly because without the expressive need as humans to let out emotional needs we can become tense and unable to feel that we can tell our truth. Many people work with this chakra, clairaudience, and the ability to hear spirit also manifests in the highly developed person. Singing can be a real benefit to opening and strengthen the fifth chakra. The manifestation of an imbalance in the throat chakra can be worry; this can lead to verbal inconsistencies in communicating with yourself and others. The main word that I would positively associate with this psychic centre is the word of clarity, the ability to express things clearly without foggy insight.


The Heart Chakra


Placed where the heart is situated, this chakra brings in personal love, compassion and rules the heart, lungs and shoulders. This chakra is known as the gateway between the lower and higher chakras. The act of breathing so essential to humans helps to cleanse but also is associated with the life force in yogic philosophy called ‘prana’. When this chakra is activated many people feel a need to help others heal and generally get their lives back together, it is also increased with a relationship or becoming a parent. The loving energy that comes like purity out of the heart chakra is a blessing, unbalanced it can create feelings of untruth in regard to love and intimacy. The emotion of fear can begin to dominate us, causing the person to become cut off from the emotional side of life. The main aspect of this chakra and lesson is of course unconditional love.



The Solar Plexus


This chakra is placed in the stomach area and governs our energy levels, likened to the Suns in astrology it is the vitality of the person. If you have an imbalance of this third chakra then you might feel a sense of inadequacy leading you to overcompensate by trying to manipulate or control others. The liver and the gall blander are under rulership with this chakra and it is important to remember that some of our most heightened emotions are felt in this area, for example the saying ‘butterflies in the stomach’ is a common emotional release that is felt through the Solar Plexus. If your solar plexus is open and working in a positive way you are able to lead others and speak with truth and loyalty, you can also be direct in your own decisions that can lead to a lot of respect from others. This is the chakra of self-worth, an important aspect in spiritual and psychic development.



The Sacral Chakra


Located inches below the navel, this chakra is the ruler of our most fundamental emotions including acceptance or rejection in its basic form. When the Sacral chakra is working, healthy emotional integrity and a strong sense of security so that the individual becomes friendly, optimistic and sensitive to others.


The Base Chakra


The grounding Chakra that unites the rest, sports, walking, sex and all forms of physical exercise play an important part in the development of this chakra. If not properly balanced in can lead to a rather spaced out existence, where one is not happy being in the body and therefore looks for escape through drugs or alcohol. When the base chakra is balanced one is able to direct their will and energy in a positive manner without being afraid of the consequences, it is the chakra of trust.