The Astrological Progressive Sun

Our Sun sign is our vitality, it is our energy giver that allows us to influence others and give growth to relationships and projects that we come into direct contact with. Understanding our Sun sign is a journey on an archetypal level as well as an emotional and spiritual basis. In astrology we are made up from our natal chart, the point when we took our first breath into this world, another way of looking at this is to say that our cosmic DNA is created the moment we are born. Our natal chart encompasses a variety of planets and zodiac signs including the Sun. As a child who enters this world the Moon becomes our symbol of nurturing since we also experience hopefully the feminine aspects of the Moon through contact and development with the Mother. This experience happens when the baby is in the womb, nocturnal and fluid based, creating a safe haven for the baby to develop. As the child develops the emergence of the ascendant the sign that governed the eastern point at the time of birth, giving the young adult by now a persona a face that is shown to the world in social nuances, that protects the vulnerable aspects of the personality. However as we reach adulthood the Sun becomes the centre piece in our drive to create something in our life. The important thing to remember is that we are constantly in development, the Sun on a literal level is at its most potent at midday when after the Sun’s rays begin to diminish as the day progresses into night as the nocturnal rhythms begin to dominate our environment. Therefore the power of our Sun is also more powerful at certain points in our life; it is as if a day in the life of the Sun is equivalent to our life on planet earth. We emerge from the depths of darkness (the womb) to this world full of life and opportunities (morning) before settling the heat of our energy (Sun) to focus on what we want to grow and create in our lifespan before the inevitable wane of our life force as the Sun sets into the next world.


Although we are born under the direct rays of a particular Sun sign depending on what time in the year we are born, the Sun sign in astrology is not fixed as a direct influence. One of the most widely used predictive techniques in astrology is ‘secondary progressions’ this is the art of forecast using an ephemeris a table of the daily positions of the planets at birth. The predictive technique is governed by the idea that a day for a year on a symbolic level casts an influence on a person’s cycles from an astrological point of view. If you take a look at a ephemeris for a person’s date of birth and count from the day that they were born, for example someone born on the 15/11/2003 the Sun is at 22 degrees in Scorpio and count eight from that point the Sun goes into the sign of Sagittarius, meaning that at eight years of age that persons Sun will progress from Scorpio to Sagittarius where is will stay for a thirty year period (30 degrees in a sign of the zodiac). At thirty eight their Sun will progress from Sagittarius to Capricorn and then at sixty eight from Capricorn to Aquarius. Does this mean that this person is no longer a Scorpio from eight years of age? No is the answer, it means that there is still a deep rooted Scorpio personality with added colouring of the sign that the Sun has progressed into. Most people will experience three to four signs in progression of the Sun in their lifetime and if they reach four signs they will experience the four elements in their development emotional and spiritual makeup, the elements being Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The importance of a progressed Sun in a natal chart is clear because of the basic human drive of the person, and when one experience a Sun progressing from one sign to another a major shift is taking place in the personal expression of that individual. This is especially true in regard to the first Sun progression, for some this will happen if born at the start of a zodiac sign for example someone born on the 25th of March would experience the first Sun progressed at twenty five when the Sun progressed from Aries to Taurus. However if that person was born on the 19th of April then the Sun would progress at two years of age from Aries to Taurus.



The shift in awakening from a Sun progression has many implications, for one the person comes into contact on an external level with the new Sun’s energies gestures and influences, for example a Scorpio whose Sun progressed into Sagittarius might experience a reawakening or a need to look into higher education or travel to faraway places with a less intense subjective view of the world. The fire energy of Sagittarius would be a shock to the system for the Scorpio who basks in the watery depths when the progression first occurs, especially if it happens in their late teens or early adulthood. The challenge is to become comfortable with this new energy of the Sun, remember Sagittarius is a fire sign that burns bright; it wants to create to find some meaning and truth. The development of the Sun in a natal chart is an on-going event, the sub rulers of a sign are also taking into consideration as the following table directs.



Aries          Ruled by Mars

21st – 30th of March- Sub Ruled by Mars

1st – 10th of April – Sub Ruled by the Sun

11th – 20th of April – Sub ruled by Jupiter


Taurus Ruled by Venus


21st -30th of April – Sub Ruled by Venus

1st – 10th of May – Sub Ruled by Mercury

11th – 20th of May – Sub Ruled by Saturn



Gemini Ruled by Mercury


21st of May – 30th of May – Sub Ruled by Mercury

1st of June – 10th of June – Sub Ruled by Venus

11th of June – 20th of June – Sub Ruled by Uranus


Cancer Ruled by the Moon

21st of June – 30th of June – Sub Ruled by the Moon

1st of July – 10th of July – Sub Ruled by Pluto

11th of July – 21st July – Sub Ruled by Neptune


Leo Ruled by the Sun

22nd of July – 30th of July – Sub Ruled by the Sun

1st of August – 10th of August – Sub Ruled by Jupiter

11th of August – 22nd of August – Sub Ruled by Mars


Virgo Ruled by Mercury

23rd of August – 31st of August – Sub Ruled by Mercury

1st of September – 10th of September – Sub Ruled by Saturn

11th of September 23rd of September – Sub Ruled by Venus


Libra Ruled by Venus

23rd of September – 31st of September – Sub Ruled by Venus

1st of October – 10th of October – Sub Ruled by Uranus

11th of October – 21st of October – Sub Ruled by Mercury


Scorpio Ruled by Pluto


22nd of October – 31st of October – Sub Ruled by Pluto

1st of November – 10th of November – Sub Ruled by Neptune

11th of November – 21st of November – Sub Ruled by the Moon


Sagittarius Ruled by Jupiter

22nd of November – 30th of November – Sub Ruled by Jupiter

1st of December – 10th of December – Sub Ruled by Mars

11th of December – 20th of December – Sub Ruled by the Sun


Capricorn Ruled by Saturn

21st of December – 31st of December – Sub Ruled by Saturn

1st of January – 10th of January – Sub Ruled by Venus

11th of January – 20th of January – Sub Ruled by Mercury


Aquarius Ruled by Uranus

21st of January – 31st of January – Sub Ruled by Uranus

1st of February – 10th of February – Sub Ruled by Mercury

11th of February – 20th of February – Sub Ruled by Venus

Pisces Ruled by Neptune

20th of February – 29th of February – Sub Ruled by Neptune

1st of March – 10th of March – Sub ruled by the Moon

11th of March – 20th of March – Sub Ruled by Pluto