September Horoscopes 2018

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This is a month of moving forwards for us all, Mars re-enters Aquarius on the 11th signalling strong humanitarian aims, but also issues that politically surfaced in May now need to be resolved. This is also emphasised by the planet Saturn going direct in the sky on the 6th , adding to collective karmic debt. The three collective planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all going backwards, so from a astrological view, this could be a tricky period in terms of news in the public domain. On the 9th we have a New Moon at 17 degrees in Virgo ‘An old man cutting grapes in a vineyard’ is in the degree of prudence. Careful steps and decision making will need to be implemented during this period, impulsive, knee jerk reactions will not bode well in September. As we approach the Full Moon on the 25th we could all feel like things are coming to an end of a cycle. The Full Moon is in Aries at two degrees ‘ A man standing, armed with a sword and spear, richly dressed in scarlet and purple, with jewelled clasps and a helmet of fine brass, prepared for battle and confident of Victory’ indicates a man in power making a rash decision about another country.



Your ruler Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius mid-way through the month, this has been a testing time for the rams, making you all feel a little dizzy. However issues that were brought up in June and July start to make sense and your ability to move on from difficult situations is going to be key, in getting the best out of the month ahead.


Taurus is a sign that likes harmony and peace, your ruler Venus enters your opposite sign of Scorpio on the 9th causing a friction in personal relationships. This is a period when you might face certain realisations that have remained deep seated and in the background of your partnerships and therefore this is a month when you may have to face the shadows in your own inner motivation for being in a relationship.


The pace of life moves quickly this month as your ruler Mercury travels through three signs of the zodiac, Leo, Virgo and Libra. This dynamic helps you to accomplish many objectives in your personal ambitions. There is a strong desire to make ones mark in the world and to be free from the restrictions of the past, these next four weeks could serve as a reminder that you can move metaphorical mountains.


The pull of the Moon’s energy always directs you to make decisions based on feeling rather than the logical. This is a month when you are aware of the more subtle elements at work when dealing with those close to you. The ongoing transit of Jupiter is enabling you to access a greater sense of intuition and self confidence in your everyday life.


There is a lot of planetary activity over these next four weeks that can have a long term change in your general outlook. You are now into the final stages of the North Node transiting through your own zodiac sign. This happens every nineteen years, giving you a real sense of new beginnings with ideas and career changes.


From the 6th, Mercury your ruler is travelling in your own sign giving energy and inventiveness in your thinking new solutions to ongoing problems in your work and career. This could be muddied in the middle of the month as Mercury opposes Neptune in the sky, so be careful not to get taken away on someone’s overtly optimistic promises, the chances are they will only disappoint you.


It’s all about your planetary ruler Venus over the next couple of months, making this an important time in the year when you are able to test yourself on how much you have learnt since 2018. The learning process and theme of the year has been about building new relationships with others that have a much more honest aspect to the connections.


Mars goes back into your solar 4th house where it first entered in May, family matters and relationships need your energy and directness over the coming weeks. This in part is helped by diplomatic Venus traveling in your own sign from the 9th helping you to understand another person’s point of view from an emotional angle.


Jupiter is powering on through your next door neighbour sign of Scorpio this month, making life a little bit more interesting than it’s been for a long time. This gets you all very excited and in a good mood, but it also means that you can be much more enterprising than you have been over the last six months, you are going to be a welcome addition to any social gathering.


Your planetary ruler Saturn finally moves forward on the 5th for the first time since April 18th. This is a powerful month when you can begin the process of planning new actions and projects that have been put on hold since spring. Saturn is also making a trine aspect with Uranus, helping you to be inspired by new avenues and ideas related to your work.


Your traditional ruler is Saturn and your modern ruler is Uranus, Saturn goes direct on the 5th but Uranus is retrograde all month. This means that you could feel pulled in two different directions all at once. The energy of Saturn is helping you to put structure with your creativity and imagination, while Uranus is challenging your home life. In a way both can serve each other in helping you to see the big picture in terms of family matters.


The majority of Pisces will find some inner peace during the next four weeks, especially through the avenue of creativity and spirituality. Jupiter is looking down on you with a positive vibe and has been since the middle of July. Saturn moving direct on the 5th also bridges old and new friendships together, working out old karmic patterns in how you respond to other people’s needs.