September 2022

There is a collective hangover from the previous month that continues to manifest over these next four weeks, as most of the outer planets are backwards, plus we have a Mercury in Libra retrograde from the 10th to contend with. From the 8th Mars in Gemini is in the second decan ‘The Lord of despair and cruelty’ in the tarot the nine of swords. This is a difficult placement to deal with for the remainder of the month causing havoc with the political status quo. We also have Venus in Virgo , not the most fruitful combination from the 5th and on the 23rd  and the Autumn Equinox which reveals the wounds from 2020 that we all need to accept to be able to move energetically on. This is a tough month, when the trauma from the collective past surfaces up to our awareness without the support from the governments to hold the space to be able to face without fear.