September 2021


We start off with the planet Venus in the first ten days of September in Libra with Mars also travelling in the zodiac sign of justice on the 15th. The emphasis is on law and order in the Western world as we collectively seek to create order out of chaos, mainly through the ongoing square aspect between Saturn and Uranus in the sky. The planetary energy over the next four weeks is unpredictable and tense. Mercury starts to slow down as we progress through the month until the 27th when it goes retrograde in Libra. On the 24th the planet Venus forms an opposition with Uranus  magnifying eclectic tastes and relationship issues for many.  On the 20th there is a Full Moon in Pisces at 28 degrees ‘A man upon a raft floating in open sea’ this is the symbol for isolation. Many of us may feel that we are heading for tricky waters as the past begins to catch up with us all again and we feel that we are heading backwards, however this is a blip in the road to recovery- we must all stay strong.