September 2017

We come off the back of Mercury retrograde, as the trickster moves forward on the 5th in the royal signImage result for the hermit rider waite deck of Leo. Jupiter is in its last dance with Libra igniting the justice system and contributing to a need for strong diplomacy to be incorporated into the West. The three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all going backwards, pushing us all to feel that we are repeating the same mistakes again and again. On the 6th we have a Full Moon at 13 degrees in Pisces ‘A circle within a circle, both concentric’ this is the degree of guarding. This could indicate the political unease that is permeating during the autumn months. On the 22nd we have the autumn equinox as the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Libra, reminding us all of the need to strike a balance between logic and the emotions.



Sometimes in life we have to take a step back and be objective, not an easy thing to do if you’re born under the zodiac sign of Aries. However this month you will need to be detached from your emotions otherwise you will find yourself getting dragged into other people’s issues, not a pleasant place to be for the rams of this world.



This month is a period of revival, meaning you will start to be much more aware of your inner needs and therefore you can begin to feel good about yourself. Your ruler Venus travels through 4th house, so the home and family matters are given a boost until the 20th when Venus moves into Virgo and activates your creative expression, I said you would feel good about yourself.


Your ruler Mercury goes direct from the 5th in the royal sign of Leo igniting the communication area of your soar chart. Over the last three weeks in August you might have found yourself trying to convey your feelings only to find out no one has been listening. September is the month when all that changes as the power of your voice dominates your behaviour and how others treat you.


There is an energetic shift this month as enter the autumn equinox on the 22nd allowing the crabs to focus on the home and family, a popular subject for the Cancer zodiac sign. This will come as a welcome relief from the eclipses of August as you try to rebalance your internal emotions with your mental reactions, how very autumn equinox of you.


The Sun’s rays are beaming on the financial aspect of your life, this could be a good thing is you spend wisely or maybe there is an over optimism regarding your money situation, moderation could work best here. However the planet Venus travels in your own sign until the 20th, so relax in her beauty and creativity especially on the 16th and 17th when the Moon is in your own sign


From the 5th your ruler starts moving forwards after the retrograde period of last month. This will be a welcome relief for most of you since delays and frustrations have caused you to over analyse your own emotions rather too much. This will be improved dramatically on the 10th since Mercury begins its transit in your own sign signally a new positive mind set in your personality that can help you bring those that expand your creative insight.


This is the last month of Jupiter’s transit in your own sign, over the last year Jupiter has brought opportunities, some good, some all hot air. The point is that it is time to review the last twelve months and the changes that have been brought about from your own expansive need to change the status quo. At the end of the month Jupiter opposes Uranus, a symbol of expansion meets rebellion.


There is a sense of optimism radiating off the Scorpio aura this month that catches others unaware but also entices people towards you. Scorpios have a repetition of being intense, but this is how you express your passionate nature, those who are less enthusiastic than you simply vanish from your life. These next four weeks is a dress rehearsal for October.


Friends and associates will be giving you a helping hand as you seek to improve your current working life. However the more spiritual meanings to life are now beginning to drive you in your yearnings for new and exciting opportunities. September is a month when your ruler Jupiter is traveling fast in the sign of Libra which rules your hopes and wishes; the only thing you have to do is know your inner motivations.


The mind has a fantastic capacity to conjure up new and uncharted waters if you allow it to drift this way and that way. There is a fascination with new faraway lands that can give you a real creative spark to your problem solving. Your ruler Saturn is moving quickly (for Saturn) through your 12th solar house, any last minute adjustments to your own spiritual journey, this is the month to act.


Your ruler Uranus is still retrograde over the next two months leading to a sense of inner work and taking a step back from your projects. This can be a fruitful month especially in regards to other people’s resources and inner motivations. The ability to pinpoint from a psychological perspective how others are feeling is profound in September and should help you with your own self-identity.



You are blessed with two rulers, Jupiter and Neptune; this can lead to a certain amount of duality which can confuse others. However your focus this month is based on your career aspirations and how others can help you in your quest for independence and freedom. Neptune is retrograde in your own sign this month so be aware of giving your power too easily to the wrong people.