Astrological birth time rectification reading



For many people knowing their time of birth can be a difficult challenge. If you were adopted or if your mother doesn’t quite remember whether it was morning, noon or night when you first emerged into this world: then getting your chart rectified will offer you that missing piece of the jigsaw. To find out your time of birth, Demian looks into your past using all the information available to him. He will then investigate all the important events in your life to find out what time you were born.

This is a very in-depth, skilful  process which requires an initial interview session and a follow up session where he reveals his findings and shows you how he came to that conclusion. The key to Demian’s understanding of significant events is not just through births, marriages and deaths (although these are very helpful) but also through challenging emotional times, periods of joy, intellectual expansion, siblings, relationships, institutions and sudden events for example.

Many clients have found this process life affirming because they understand themselves so much better and can use this information to guide them in the future. They gain insight into their life journey and have a deeper and more compassionate understanding of the trials and tribulations they may have faced in the past.

Although chart rectification is not guaranteed, several clients who (after meeting their adoptive mothers, or tracking down their hospital records) concur that their estimated time of birth using skilled birth rectification was highly accurate.