This course is now sold out: Astrology and Spiritual Development course (Intermediate) January 17th 2023


Demian Allan: astrologer for The Guardian Newspaper, Kindred Spirit and Mind Body Spirit magazines, will be hosting a fascinating online Astrology and Tarot course via Zoom this September. Demian, was a senior lecturer at the College of Psychic Studies, and is the former president of the British Astrological and Psychic Society. This programme is designed for beginners or those who have a little experience in astrology. “The purpose of the course is to understand how Tarot and Astrology can enrich your readings and your own personal development.”


This course is now sold out: please get in touch to be put on the waiting list.
“These courses have changed my life. I now have access to a spiritual space that I have always felt somewhat outside of, peering in. I’m in the process of developing a rigorous magical practice that I never imagined would be obtainable. Initiation into something important and bigger than myself. There is still a long way to go and I hope that Demian will remain a part of that journey.”
By Natalie (a current student)
Astrology and Spiritual Development intermediate, commences: January 17th 2023 at 7.30 BST

Entry requirements:

This course is designed for those who have a basic understanding of the houses, planets and signs and wish to further their studies into this fascinating subject.

The course covers a variety of astrological subjects in order for you to be able to read a natal chart, use transits, and time lord systems.

Week 1 – Mapping the astrological chart

Week 2 – Working with transits part 1

Week 3 – Working with transits part 2

Week 4 – Aspects and their meaning in prediction

Week 5- Time Lord Profections Part 1

Week 6 – Time lord Profections Part 2

Week 7 – Firdaria Time Lord System

Week 8 – Putting it altogether


2 Responses to “This course is now sold out: Astrology and Spiritual Development course (Intermediate) January 17th 2023”

  • Jamie C

    When I went to Demian for readings I was always amazed by the accuracy of his predictions and always found him to be honest and empathetic. I was also fascinated by how he knew what he did, and when I decided I wanted to practice astrology and tarot for myself, I decided I needed to learn these disciplines with the best – and that meant him.
    Jamie C

  • Anish

    “Demian’s teaching method allows you to use astrology and tarot practically. I have learnt to observe my transits, act on them when required and have an understanding of when they will pass. He is very supportive, encouraging and friendly. Through Demian, I have not only learnt about the meanings and symbolisms of the planets but also how to communicate with them to help understand and navigate different areas of life. I’ve learnt much about the spiritual side and how to balance this with the physical.”