The Ancient Art of Time Lord Predictive Astrology


Demian Allan: astrologer for The Guardian Newspaper, Kindred Spirit and Mind Body Spirit magazines, will be hosting a fascinating online astrology and magic course in 2023 . The date will be confirmed once Demian is satisfied he has the right mix of students interested. If you have never worked with Demian before, you will be required to attend an online interview before being enrolled. Demian, was a senior lecturer at the College of Psychic Studies, and is the former  president of the British Astrological and Psychic Society. The purpose of the course is to have an understanding of Astrology and Magic using talismans. 




Annual Profections

An ancient Time Lord Astrology system of prediction

October 2023 every Tuesday 19.30 – 21.00 online via Zoom

Starts 9/10/2023


This six-week course is designed to learn in depth the techniques and systems of predicting events in astrology. I have been using profections in my astrology practice for more than ten years now as my main tool for predicting events. This course is designed for the intermediate and more advanced astrology students. The ancient art of time lords is a system that allows you to understand the ruler of your year ahead.


Week 1 – Introduction to the concepts of sect and houses


Week 2 – Meaning   of Time Lords yearly


Week 3 – Aspects in the natal chart and Transits


Week 4 – Which houses rule what? The concept of turning the houses


Week 5 – Predicting


Week 6 – Examples


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  • Testimonials 2022

    Testimonials from current students:

    “These courses have changed my life. I now have access to a spiritual space that I have always felt somewhat outside of, peering in. I’m in the process of developing a rigorous magical practice that I never imagined would be obtainable. Initiation into something important and bigger than myself. There is still a long way to go and I hope that Demian will remain a part of that journey.”

    “I have been working with Demian since 2016 and he has walked along my journey of transformation as well as my spiritual development.” (May)

    “I was interviewed to run a workshop and they asked ‘what inspired you to teach’ and I said that my teacher Demian because he always reminds about how one responds to transits, energy and to life is crucial in how to progress! Thank you always, I am forever grateful to learn from you!” (May)

    “I would recommend anyone interested in Astrology, Tarot or Magic to work with Demian.” (Jamie)

    “Through Demian, I have not only learnt about the meanings and symbolisms of the planets but also how to communicate with them to help understand and navigate different areas of life. I’ve learnt much about the spiritual side and how to balance this with the physical.” (Anish)