Astrocartography reading



Where in the world would you like to live? Sometimes before making a decision on where to settle, a client will ask for a astrocartography reading. In this reading Demian will look at your chart in conjunction with the country, state or provinces you are considering. Demian can examine how your chart interacts with anywhere  on the globe right down to a specific town in the United Kingdom. If you have a partner or children he can also explore how their charts are activated in specific areas. One part of the world might be great for your career whilst another might be better for spiritual expansion or self care. Numerous locations can be considered in one reading so if you have a few ideas on where you’d like to live Demian can explore this with you. If you have no fixed preferences and are curious to know where the best place to live or visit in the world is, then Demian will examine your natal chart and answer this question for you. The places he suggests will be guided by your wishes, your priorities and what you believe would be most fulfilling for you.