121 tutoring sessions x 4 with Demian Allan


Demian Allan: astrologer for The Guardian Newspaper, Kindred Spirit and Mind Body Spirit magazines, will be hosting 121 personal tuition courses via Zoom. Demian, was a senior lecturer at the College of Psychic Studies, and is the former  president of the British Astrological and Psychic Society.

Your four (30 minute) teaching sessions, will take place at the same time every week, alternate week or month depending on what you prefer.


Currently sold out. Please allow a 6 week wait for a start date.These sessions can be once a week, once a month or bi-weekly. The first 30 minute session will assess what your needs are and explore your chosen divination. Demian may also decide to give you homework, so be prepared!  After this, Demian will advise you on next steps, including books to study, resources to collate and personal development activities such as meditation to enrich your learning. Booked in blocks of 4: personal teaching sessions with Demian will enable you to fine tune your astrological or Tarot knowledge. Whether you are a beginner, who wants a little coaching to get you started, or a seasoned professional, who wants to explore new ideas with an expert: Demian will create the right course for you.

Once you make a booking, Demian’s assistant will get in touch to find out more about what you’d like to learn and your level of experience. Personal coaching sessions usually take place on Thurdays or Wednesday mornings. There is a usually a 4 week waiting list for sessions with Demian, so please bear this in mind when booking. Once booked, his assistant with liaise with you and advise you of the earliest possible times.

Teaching sessions are 30 minutes long and are booked in blocks of 4.