October Horoscopes 2017

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This is a month when the planets seem to speed up in their energy and intention, Pluto moves forward in Capricorn between 16 and 17 degrees. The big news is Jupiter for the first time in twelve years transits into the sign of Scorpio on the 11th. Jupiter and Scorpio are a combination that wants to expand our inner awareness and bring new structure and clarity to those aspects in society that we tend to ignore, mental health, prison systems, drugs and therapy to name but a few. On the 5th we have the Full Moon at 12 degrees in Aries ‘a man leading two children by the hands’ it is the symbol of conservatism and therefore it speaks of one who is in power trying to guide us all down a new path with boundaries. This will be brought to a conclusion on the 19th when we have a New Moon at 26 degrees in Libra, this will be particularly prominent in the UK chart since the moon cycle aspects affect the image and relations with other counties in the UK.


Trying to be dynamic in an environment that does not support this makes life seem much more difficult than it should be, from your perception. October can allow you to achieve a lot in a short space of time, but you need to be patient and know when to act and when to stand back and let others make mistakes. Look out for the Full Moon in your own sign on the 5th, a powerful symbol of a need for you to let go of past issues related to how you feel about yourself.


The month of October can feel a bit disconnected for a majority of Taurean’s, mainly because it forms a natural quincunx aspect with the Sun in Libra. However the big news is that Jupiter transits into your opposite sign of Scorpio for the first time in twelve years. The focus for the coming year is going to be expansion and creativity in personal relationships. How others view you are going to change in this period and you pull philosophical personalities towards your social circle.


There is a light-footed energy this month that helps create new space in your social exchanges and self-expression. The planet Jupiter from the 10th, ingress into the work sector of your chart for a year’s period This help you to focus on your health, and how you can be of service to others in work. On the 20th your ruler Mercury opposes Neptune a creative and spiritually oriented combination that can bring in new ideas or woolly thinking.


Deep residing emotions sometimes need to come to the surface; our ancestral lineage is important aspect of our personal development. The Sun shines in the midnight sector of your solar chart igniting those deep hidden emotions, but also gives you Cancerians a chance to work on your past actions in a healing way that allows you to grow as a person.


The planet Jupiter from the 10th enters the home sector of your chart for a year; this could be a time to think about relocating or general expansion within the house that you already live in. There is an emphasis now on companionship and spiritually connecting with those close to you, this could mean you start to hold workshops in your home or just being much more social, Jupiter is going to push you to explore your inner potential.


The energy intensifies for you as the planet Venus dances through your zodiac sign until the 14th thereafter it will enter into the financial aspect of your solar chart, great for luxuries, not so great for being frugal. The theme for the month is about consolidating the last four months and putting new plans into action.


On the 10th Jupiter moves into Scorpio in your 2nd solar house, over the next twelve month how you earn your money and how you value yourself will dominate the undercurrents of your intensions in how you progress with your life. On the 14th your ruler Venus enters your own sign enabling you to feel at one with your core self.


With a drum roll and a crash and a bang the planet Jupiter enters your own sign on the 10th creating new opportunities for growth and change in your life over the next twelve months. This is an important cycle in your astrological evolution, how you respond to this energetic shift will be down to you. Jupiter brings an external awareness that can make you feel restless and excited, choice your new path wisely over the coming year.


Your ruler the mighty Jupiter transits from the 10th into the zodiac sign of Scorpio for a twelve month period. This is a major month of inner transformation as Jupiter is now travelling in your 12th solar house, the lord of karma. How you utilise this energy over the coming year is going to be up to you, but may I suggest a spiritual activity that centres you but also allows you to help others in their own personal journey.


Friends and work colleagues can give you a real sense of value, if you let them get close to you, these next four weeks sees you push through with a variety of projects designed to influence the right kind of people. Jupiter on the 10th moves into your solar 11th house till November next year uses the planetary energy wisely by concentrating on the collective rather than the individual.


Try to self-analyse can be a good thing depending on the timing, during October it might be a better idea to be much more outward looking in what you can achieve gaining inspiration from others rather than yourself. Aquarius is a sign that thinks deeply (sometimes rather too much) but this can lead to stagnation in terms of ideas and action.


The energy of Jupiter from the 10th is going to be firmly on your side for the next twelve months expanding your desire to travel and explore new places in the world. This will also bring in a period when you will want to go back into education or publishing; the world really can be your oyster if you are prepared to venture fourth with passion and open mindedness.