October 2019

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The month of October is dominated by two inner planets that are travelling in signs of their detriment. Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th and Mars ingress into Libra on the 4th, the astrological significance of these combinations creates frustration and complications. On the 13th Venus opposes Uranus in two fixed signs of the zodiac creating tension in relationships in general. On the 13th a Full Moon in Aries ‘ a man equipped for a rough journey, belted and armed ‘ seems to suggest a political figure about to enter a battle with a political party in the United Kingdom. On the 28th a New Moon in Scorpio will highlight issues in the Western world that have been hidden by the political establishments for far too long. On the 3rd Pluto finally begins to move forward since April, again emphasising the collective being bombarded by the ripple effects of past actions that are now having an impact on how we live our lives.



The basis of personal relationships and how the foundations work are under intense scrutiny as Mars moves into the partnership area of your chart. The trick to working with this planetary energy is not to become impatient with those around you when trying to get your point of view in how you are seen in a partnership, sometimes its best just to listen.



There is a quite a contrast from September this month as the more refined diplomatic aspect of your personality becomes centre stage as Venus travels in your solar 7th house. However Venus is going to oppose Uranus creating an unpredictable source of energy in terms of you and how others respond to you.


It’s all about being creative over the next four weeks and being able to adapt (something your rather good at) to your immediate environments.  This should come rather easily to you at first, however it’s important that you use your ability to listen to other people’s viewpoints instead of getting trapped in your own head, remember – be adaptable.


This month could feel a little lighter in mood than the previous, the moons cycle is less active in your chart; however there is still work to be done. The planet Saturn started to move direct last month in your opposing sign and therefore its pragmatic energy will be felt by all the crabs over the next four weeks.


This is a month to focus on your ancestral past and family matters that need your attention. The planetary energy is directing to matters that are hidden since the Sun is travelling in the solar 4th house. This is an area of the chart where we gain and get our inner security from and therefore when the sun shines on that aspect, we become much more aware of our inner needs.


We now enter into the sphere of financial matters for Virgo as the planets move into the solar 2nd house. It’s important to remain calm and objective during a period when you will place a lot of your energy into your money. The planet Mars is pushing you to be much more aggressive in your attitude to your personal finance.


Things can move fast in astrology and you are going feel like you have suddenly ended up on a rollercoaster. The main reason for this is Mars is now travelling in your own sign making you less diplomatic and more direct in your approach to dealing with others – this could be a month when you get a lot done or because a lot of tension – the choice is yours.


We now move into a month that is extremely busy, both Mercury and Venus are travelling in your zodiac sign and creating a need to make things happen. The areas of life that are affected by these transits are self-assertive and having the courage of your own convictions. This powerful October is the time when you stake your claim for the future.


From the tightrope of last month to the more experimental period of October to bring jog and fun to your life. Friendships will become important to you as you seek to build bridges and make new friendships with those who you would not normally confide in or socialise with.


October is a main month when the Sun shines on the career sector of your chart; this means that you can achieve a lot mainly because you are ‘seen’ in your profession. However it’s important to be ‘seen’ for the right reasons and talked about in a positive light – be nice and everything will fall into place.


Career takes centre stage this month as Mercury and Venus travel in your solar 10th house. These two planets add charm and good communication skills to your personality – meaning you can achieve a lot at work and get your ideas strongly but effectively across. Mars transits your 9th house bringing a new structure or philosophy to your day to day living.


From the choppy waters of September to the calmer stream of October, this is a month to savour and enjoy. Both Mercury and Venus are travelling in a water sign like you and in the section of higher knowledge and long distance travel. This really is the perfect time for a holiday or a spiritual retreat for a bit of self-pampering and general fun.