October 2018

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Mercury is travelling in the early part of October in your partnership area of your chart. The ability to communicate effectively while remaining adaptable to other people’s points of view will give you a real advantage in launching new projects. Mars is still travelling in the friendship section of your chart; those close to you can come up with some inspiring ideas that set you apart from the norm.



The theme continues of partnerships as your ruler Venus turns retrograde from the 6th in your opposing sign of Scorpio. When confronting things that we find unsettling, it’s important to be brave and strong in finding resolutions and to be honest with ourselves. This Venus retrograde brings up issues to do with how you value yourself in relationships, the answers good be quite revealing.




Work matters become the focus as Venus travels in your solar 6th house and goes retrograde, it’s important to not get caught up in work dramas and idle gossip. This can be a testing month in terms of your need to step back from other people’s issues and to concentrate on your own journey, not easy for the social twins!



The Sun shines on your home, family and roots in your emotional security. However the Sun is a planet that can shed light on a new way of responding to situations and in this case family dynamics that have been repeating the same cycle for a long period of time. This is strongly felt since Saturn is now moving forward in your opposing sign of Capricorn, duty and responsibility come knocking.



Mars is still travelling in your opposite sign and igniting your personal relationships, bringing a sense of awareness with your decisiveness when dealing with a loved one. Mars is a planet that does like to push forward with a strong agenda, this maybe more than ever a period in your life when you need to be tough and opinionated to overcome strong opposition.



Venus is retrograde in your solar 3rd house, this is the residence of communication, from technology to short distant travel, make sure you plan well in advance. Most Virgos are good at doing this but when you have a retrograde in Mercury ruled house suddenly you maybe a little light in your preparations, you have been warned.



Your ruler Venus goes retrograde in the financial part of your solar chart from the 6th, when a planet goes backwards it directs the energy inward to resolve any issues that need looking at. When it involves the 2nd solar house it’s a focus on how you earn your money and how much you value what you do in terms of your work, this means that October brings about a lot of soul searching.



The big astrological news for all you Scorpios out there is that Venus is retrograde from the 6th onwards in your own sign. This can add charm and harmony to your nature but it can also bring about a little bit of emotional self-indulgence and drama to your personal life. Be careful not to get into battles that are not of your own making – it will not serve you well.



There is an ongoing feeling of stepping out of the shadows in your mind, the transit of your ruler Jupiter is still traveling in the secretive part of your chart, but is moving next month to your 1st house. It’s a month that brings a real sense of new beginnings that are starting to manifest in a wide variety of different aspects of your life, exciting times ahead.


Friendships could come under the radar over the next four weeks as Venus goes backwards in your solar 11th house. Working with groups could prove to be rewarding in the long term but also it’s about how you communicate your ideas to others. Over the last year there has been a general expansion in social contacts because of Jupiter’s transit, October provides you with a reflective period with your friends and acquaintances.


Mars re-entered your zodiac sign on the 11th of September and for this month it is traveling through your sign. This is like having a recharge of your internal batteries, making you competitive and impulsive in your behaviour. To get the best out of Mars energy it is wise to deal with anger in a positive way through sport or debate, don’t lose sight of other people’s opinion.


It’s important that you remaining loyal to your higher self, during the next four weeks, Venus is retrograde in your 9th house. This could interrupt travel plans or educational courses, making you less confident in where you have directed your energy since September. However this is a mere blip that forces you to remain constant in your choices without others butting in with their opinions.