November Horoscopes 2018

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This is going to be quite a dynamic month for you ram’s as your ruler Mars changes into a new zodiac sign of Pisces on the 16th. This is placed in the dream state of your solar chart igniting new spiritual insights and eureka moments. Jupiter from the 8th enters your 9th house of travel and higher knowledge for the next twelve months deepening your awareness to add a new meaning to your life.


Your planetary ruler Venus is still retrograde in Libra until the 16th when it moves direct, helping you to begin to act and respond a little bit more diplomatically than of late. You will need all the help you can get from Venus as the Sun is in your opposing sign of Scorpio for most of the month. Try to avoid battles with others in November, you can’t control how others act but you can with yourself.


It’s a bit retrograde city for us all, as Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron are all going backwards. To add into the mix your planetary ruler Mercury is also retrograde from the 17th in your opposing sign of Sagittarius. This is a period to be objective and understand or at least take a long look at your own inner motivations. If you can do that then you could find that for once Mercury retrograde is not so bad after all.


There is a lot going on in the financial sector of your chart this month, especially around the 23rd when you have the Full Moon activating your second house. The retrograde of Venus until the 16th focuses on the home environment, an area in which the crabs feel certain sensitivity in order to feel complete, this month could test that theory.


Sometimes in life we have to look inward to find out what really motivates us, but also where we have come from in our past. The ancestral pull of the past is at work in your life during November and this means that you may be asking yourself some serious inner questions. This can be rewarding if you acknowledge what no longer serves you in your present life and learn to let it go.


This is a month that can go either way for you; on the one hand the planet Mercury goes retrograde from the 17th in the mutable sign of Sagittarius. This is focused on your home and family life as it transits in your 4th house. On the other hand it is an opportunity for you to get to grips and make changes of old patterns of behaviour that have been holding you back for a number of years, the choice is up to you!


The Venus retrograde continues until the 16th when the planet moves direct through your own zodiac sign. This is a powerful month when you are faced with many challengers in how you communicate with others as depicted by the Mercury retrograde in your 3rd house from the 17th. To get the best out of this month it might be wise to approach others with a willingness to discuss their needs before your own.


The energy of the month for you Scorpios is intensity in your inner world as you seek improvements in your own spiritual development. However you may need to hark back to the past to gain some new perspective in this area. The planets are demanding that you trust much more in your own intuition in relation to the big decisions in your life.


This is a major month for the archers because for the first time in twelve years the planet on the 8th moves into your own sign for a year. The significance of this planetary cycle is a focus on new opportunities opening up with travel, teaching, religion and higher knowledge, but also a new vision for you to explore, something the archetypal Sagittarius loves to embrace.


November is a month when friendships come under the microscope which in turns means your friends will feel intensity in your outlook towards them more than usual. How you handle this planetary energy is going to be interesting because you may want to cut people out of your life, yet at the same time renew and strengthen your friendships, confused, you will be.


Your modern ruler Aquarius goes back into the zodiac sign of Aries until late March 2019. This combination might just give you a little bit of breathing space especially in regard to the home life and your ancestral background. The other major astrological feature is the south node moving out of your sign since May 2017. Repeated cycles and insecurities will begin to slowly lift from your consciousness.


The planet of action Mars enters your sign on the 15th giving you strength and purpose and a little bit of arrogance, which in small doses can be positive in getting projects moving. This is made stronger by the aspect to Saturn in the friendship area of your chart, allowing those that are close to you to support and nurture you in your renewed energy and enterprise.