November Horoscopes 2017

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The month of November will feel tense compared to the previous four weeks, Mercury travels through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which always causes delays and political strife overseas. Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th making a conjunction with Jupiter on the 13th, a positive aspects but can bring out rather too much self-indulgence in the public arena. On the 4th we have a Full Moon exalted in Taurus at 11 degrees ‘a flower of a bright orange tint, upon which two butterflies are resting and fanning their wings’ this is the symbol of selfishness and therefore we have to be careful of envy and strife in others. This is a time in the astrological year when we face our fears and step between the two worlds, reflecting and meditating on the great cycle of the sun. The best way to handle this energy is to realise that some things in our life need to be let go of and if it no longer serves us then we must acknowledge and move on.


There is a challenge this month as your planetary ruler Mars travels in your opposite sign of Libra. Mars is not comfortable in the sign of the scales and therefore you might just feel a little out of sorts. The best remedy for November is to refrain from making any major decisions just for the sake of getting projects started, now is not the time.


Relationship is the theme of the month as Venus from the 7th connects to your external partnerships area of your chart. In one way this is a good thing since Venus likes dwelling in the 7th house, however it is in the sign of Scorpio where Venus struggles to convey its usual diplomacy, be careful with being to direct to those you love.


The energy of November is increased by your ruler Mercury transiting in your opposite sign of Sagittarius. This relates to the area of ‘other people’ in your chart and therefore how you respond to them. This will be especially heightened on the 28th when Mercury makes a conjunction with Saturn in your opposing sign, time to reflect instead of act.


Those of you that were born between the 4th – 10th of July are still experiencing the transformatiive rays of Pluto and therefore most months over the last year would have felt changeable. For the rest of you crabs, there is a strong cardinal energy in the planets which translates into a high degree of activity in particular the home environment that could change your direction in your career aspirations.


The Sun your ruler sits this month in your solar 4th house, the placement of your inner roots, family the home environment and your ancestors. The Sun likes to shine a light on matters that need your attention, perhaps this is an opportunity to review your location or how to communicate better with family members or maybe just a ritual to honour your family tree, whatever it is make sure that you focus and direct the right energy with love and intention.


Sometimes in life you have to grin and bear it and then just get on with it, Virgo is a sign that at times think and talk too much and therefore not actively do anything in the physical realm. This is a month when you will need to act fast and make decisions based on intuition rather than fact, which in your case could start a slow revolution.


Picking up the pieces from the heavy dose of activity from last month could at times feel overwhelming. But there is a big step that can be made as Mars is traveling in your own zodiac sign for the next four weeks. The trick to getting the best out of November is to maintain a certain amount of Libran calm and not getting caught up in other people’s emotional dramas. If you can do this then you could find out how much determination you really possess.


The Scorpio has to be careful with all that pent up energy as your ruler Mars transits through the hidden and nebulous world of the 12th house. How to handle these next four weeks is about turning that energy into a creative output, allowing your own inner world to find hidden treasurers amongst the craving for drama.


Your ruler is travelling in your solar 12th house and is connecting with your creative side making you much more aware of the hidden depths to your own personality. This next twelve months is an opportunity to expand your spiritual side with a new discipline like meditation, yoga or a new mantra. Jupiter is trying to pull you into that direction, which can help you to understand yourself, better.


It might just feel that you have to push yourself forward a little more than usual this month. Mars is squaring your Sun causing a little bit of frustration in regard to career and your ambitions. If you can allow your focus to turn its attention on your core principles then you should be fine. However if you try to change other people’s opinions of you in the work place you could find yourself getting into hot water with those of a sensitive disposition.


The planet Uranus is still moving backwards in the sky in November; however Mercury and Mars are both travelling in signs that are on your side. The Sun is shining on the work area of your chart which suggests a busy month when your great communication skills are needed by different people around you. So your motto for this month is ‘when those around you are losing their heads, stay calm and show them your unique vision’.


As Jupiter trines your Sun for a period of up to a year you can be sure that there is an ease in self-expression and spiritual expansion. But this can create a problem with boundaries especially in the area of other people’s resources. You have a collection of friends that are always on hand to help, but if you push them too far you may find that they suddenly become much busier, in other words, don’t forget generosity comes to those who give.