November 2019

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We are now entering into the death and rebirth period of the astrological calendar, a cycle that seeks to help us understand the deeper aspects of human behaviour. This is going to be fully expressed through Mercury retrograde for most of the month in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. This will need some creative thinking to get the best out of the next four weeks for us all as the more metaphorical shadow aspects of the collective rise up in our consciousness. On the 12th we have a Full Moon at 19 degrees in Taurus, ‘a man seated on a throne, holding a sceptre crowned, and with signs of wealth around him’ symbolises the current situation with the UK and Europe.

1st November – Venus enters Sagittarius

7th November  – The Sun is at astrological Samhain

12th November  Full Moon – Taurus 19 degrees 19.51

26th  November New Moon – Sagittarius 4 degrees 15.05 , Venus enters Capricorn


Navigating your way through other people’s opinions of your past actions is going to be the template for November. Your ruler Mars is travelling in Libra for most of the month and on the 4th and 5th makes a square aspect with Pluto. If they have been any secrets or skeletons lurking in the closet in regard to relationships then this will be the month they surface.



The Sun is opposing your own sign this month causing friction but also energy and external manifestations in your life. This is intensified by Mercury in Scorpio being retrograde; communication is going to be key in how you express yourself with those close to you in a partnership in business or a more romantic. Don’t go in like a bull in a china shop during November it will only hurt you more.



It’s that time again twins when your planetary ruler Mercury is going backwards in the sky. Over the next four weeks be aware of complications in regard to work matters and health, this could take the form of missing deadlines or appointments in regard to those two areas. The more you are aware the more that you can avoid the pitfalls of Mercury retrograde.



On the 12th we have a Full Moon at 19 degrees in Taurus bringing some conclusions regarding friendships and group activities.  The transit of Saturn in Capricorn allows a certain amount of realistic thinking that forces you to be aware of other people’s motivations. This can lead to you being overwhelmed by the emotions of others; try to look after your own needs first.



The focus from an astrological perspective is shining on the home and family environment as the Sun transits your solar 4th house.  Over the next four weeks it is a good time to reflect and take care of you through yoga or meditation to maximise the planetary energy. This is a month when you can feel that you are moving forward with your own inner development.



The first astrological event for you is your ruler Mercury going backwards in the sky till the 21st in your solar 3rd house. The third house is all about communication and how we express ourselves in everyday life, under the beams of a Mercury retrograde this could be a tricky time for you, the best advice I can give is be careful what you say and think before you speak.



The planet Mars is travelling in your own sign until the 20th, lots of activity in regard to being self-assertive and trying to get what you want. The only problem is that Mars can be rather trying in laidback Libra causing confusion when trying to get your point across with others.



This is a month of two half’s, up until the 19th your traditional ruler Mars is in Libra in your 12 house the area of the hidden. Then on the 19th Mars moves into your own sign increasing your energy levels and given you some well-deserved self-assertiveness. However on the 24th Mars opposes Uranus in the sky making you impulsive and rebellious in partnerships.



This is the last month when you have Jupiter travelling in your own sign; the next time will be in twelve years’ time, so make the best of it. The planet Venus on the 2nd enters your own sign bringing the benefits of social activities and relationship harmony. Mercury is retrograde in your solar 12th house; this could cause repetitive dreams from the past.



Your planetary ruler Saturn is moving fast through your own sign this month linking up with Pluto. The implications for this conjunction are stability and power and how you combine those two forces in your life. This will strongly have an impact on your working environment, try not to get into power struggles with others, Saturn and Pluto can feel unrelenting at times.



This is a big month for Aquarians in relation to work matters, but also friendships and group activities which the Aquarians enjoy. Your ruler Uranus is retrograde in Taurus , this can create upheavals in the home if you are not prepared to be more open minded in your precious routines . The gift for November is to be calmly objective, and let the light shine on you in work.



Both Venus and Jupiter are in your solar 10th house which rules career and ambition and those in authority. Both planets have a high degree of optimism and expansive energy, so it important to keep your Pisces feet firmly on the ground in regard to decisions about your career.