New Online Couse in Psychic Astrology

In conjunction with Watkins Wisdom Academy I have produced a new online course in Psychic Astrology, pre recorded so that you can work at your own pace , click on the link below to enrol

What you will learn in this course:

Lesson 1 – An overview of Psychic Astrology: how to understand and use planetary energy

Lesson 2 – All about Planetary Spheres and how they relate to your psychic centres (chakras)

Lesson 3 – Lunar energy and the Crown Chakra

Lesson 4 – Mercury and the Third Eye Chakra

Lesson 5 – Venus and the Throat Chakra

Lesson 6 – The Sun the Heart Chakra

Lesson 7- Mars and the Solar Plexus Chakra

Lesson 8 – Jupiter and the Sacral Chakra

Lesson 9 – Saturn and the Base Chakra

Lesson 10 – How to ground and protect yourself when working with powerful psychic energies

Psychic Astrology by Demian Allan | Watkins Wisdom Academy