May Horoscopes


The month of May promises to be easier than April as we enter the second stage in spring, Mercury first of all goes direct on the 4th helping us all to feel that we are moving forward in communication and travel. However Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all going retrograde for the rest of May giving humanity the feeling that we are taking one step forward and two steps back. The Full Moon on the 10th is at 20 degrees in Scorpio ‘a man in the robe of a priest standing in the cloister beneath the light of a window’ is in the degree of ‘religion’ a powerful metaphor for the transitional period that we are undergoing with Pluto transiting Capricorn. The good news is that we have a New Moon on the 25th at 4 degrees in Gemini , the symbol of ‘dignity’ saving us from the rather bullish energy of the last four weeks that can lead to some bad decisions being made regarding environmental issues.


The rams are a sign that likes to be quite direct in its approach to the trials and tribulations of life. But this is a month when your ruling planet Mars is travelling in the dualistic sign of Gemini, this could manifest in a series of decision making that keeps on changing in your own mind and therefore leaving you completely perplexed as to the original question, confused, you will be.


This for most of you is your birthday month and there will be a big sigh of relief from the 16th as Mercury enters your own sign. Communication with others is going to be the main theme of the month, making sure that your own personal needs are met. The only way to ensure this is to be direct but compassionate with your words.


Your ruler Mercury moves forward from the 4th enabling you to make plans again and enjoy life to its fullest. This is also added by the presence of Mars traveling in your own sign bringing versatility and impatience. The trick to utilise this energy is to remain open to change and make up your own personal affirmations for the future.


Spring is definitely in the air and the zodiac sign of Cancer enjoys the way that this season tends to bring people together. The Full moon in a fellow water sign of Scorpio on the 10th adds to the new found energy that you seem to have in this month – time to enjoy you and your loved ones and your new personal insights.


The Sun is travelling in the career sector of your chart making you the talk of the town in terms of your profession. This is a really good period to be positive and forthright in your intentions in moving forward. This will sound like music to the Leo’s ears; just don’t forget that people around you need your support to.


The frustrations of April start to fade away as your planetary ruler Mercury goes direct on the 4th. On the 8th Mercury clashes with Uranus, there could be some eureka moments during this time, but Virgo’s will need to slow down with their thoughts and feelings, acting on impulse could start a small avalanche in your world.


It’s all about relationships and how others see you this month as your ruler Venus is travelling in your opposite sign of Aries. You could find that partners are being very unpredictable in behaviour, which in turn knocks you off balance. However this is a time to remind you of the lessons in the past, try not to give your power away to others who don’t deserve it.


Its good share, and with that in mind Scorpios should really be looking at how they can ease the burdens of others with a word of their wisdom. This is generally where you excel, but sometimes you can be a little secretive, don’t allow your insecurities to get in the way of helping someone close to you who needs your deep emotional insights.


Words can have powerful responses in people; Mars is traveling in your opposite sign of Gemini this Month in the sector of your chart that rules open enemies. This does not mean that those who take a dislike to you reveal themselves, but it does mean that you have to be careful in how you communicate to those who are frustrating you – misunderstandings can take place when Mars is against you.


The Sun is traveling in an earth sign like yourself for most of May, which allows you to enjoy the fruit of your past endeavours. The Sun is traveling in your 5th solar house, called traditionally the house of pleasure, this is a task for most Capricorn’s because they have to get round the fact that at times they just need to pamper themselves.


There is a dance between your two planetary rulers Saturn and Uranus, one is moving backwards and one is moving forwards linking up in fire signs. This could well have a strange effect on you this month and you seek to blend the two energies together and reach a compromise, how adult of you!


Pisces is a sign that basks nicely in the spring of Taurus energy, all that blossom and fresh hope in the atmosphere, it stirs up the creative yearnings of the fish. This month is no exception, in fact it is slightly heightened due to Mars being in Gemini and Venus in Aries, Pisces is going here there and everywhere with a little bit of magic to boot.