May Horoscopes 2019

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We now enter into the second phase of spring with the fixed nature of the Sun in Taurus bringing stability and focus. Venus the ruler of Taurus is travelling in the zodiac sign of Aries until the 15th when it enters into Taurus to bask in its own glory. From a political view point the next four weeks could see an easier going period, especially in the second half of the month. On the 18th we have a full moon at 27 degrees in Scorpio ‘a warrior plumed, haranguing a multitude of armed solders’ it is the degree point of ‘persuasion’ calling forth diplomacy in differing points of view. The planets Saturn and Pluto are both retrograding while still making a strong conjunction to each other, new structures in terms of governments and state intervention, start to be seen in the public eye for the UK and the USA. This is a marked turning point in 2019 when we will all see a new kind of politics start to emerge in the western world.



For the first two weeks the planet Venus travels in your own sign, this also early in the month combines with Mercury. This means that May is a busy time for in your social life, especially as your ruler Mars is in your solar 3rd house. May is a month to embrace new ideas in regard to how you make money and business plans starting to bear fruit.



For the majority of bulls this is your birthday month which requires you to be in a reflecting mood regarding the last twelve months. On the 15th your ruler Venus enters your own sign which should stabilises your emotions and bring an optimistic view of your future. On the 18th and 19th Venus makes a conjunction with the planet Uranus, bringing about change in personal relationships and how you attract others towards you.



Jupiter is retrograde in your opposing sign of Sagittarius this month which puts the planetary focus all on relationships, business or romantic. Jupiter is a planet that can over inflate small issues into bigger dilemmas and therefore under its beams you will need to be objective about what’s really going on.  On the 21st your planet Mercury enters your own sign enabling you to communicate better with those who over the last three weeks have taken a majority of your emotional energy.



The first two weeks of the month are in short uneventful, you might have a ‘knowing’ feeling that something is about to happen, but cannot extract what it is. Then suddenly on the 16th the planet Mars enters your own sign and begins to get you motivated and a little emotional about life in general. Mars is a planet that likes to get things moving and the energy can be a little impatient, so be careful about jumping to conclusions with others around you.



Most of the planetary activity is towards the career section of your chart, this is brought about by the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus all travelling in your 10th house. Uranus is bringing about drastic change in your ambitions, the Sun is shining its light on what you want in your career and Mercury and Venus are creating a lot of personal activity to keep you busy. This is a pivotal month in decisions that you make for the rest of your year in regard to your career.



This is a major month of accomplishment if you choose to use the planets energy in a positive way. Mercury is in trine aspect to you Sun sign, giving you a keen eye in your day to day communication skills, especially when it links with Saturn on the 17th. In the last two weeks of May, the planet Venus also trines your Sun, making a double impact in your relationship with others, bringing diplomacy and harmony.



Your ruler Venus travels through two signs of the zodiac this month, the first is Aries until the 15th. This focuses on the relationship sector of your chart. The second zodiac sign is Taurus, which rules the area of your life to do with your partner’s money and your own inner resources, which has a psychological transformation aspect to end the month of May with.



The Sun and Mercury are in your 7th house, this relates to partnerships, business and romantic in all forms. On the 15th Venus also enters the frame of the 7th house, there is so much planetary energy in how you deal with other people this month, and you could feel overwhelmed. The best course of action is to remain grounded and not respond with harsh words, partners are much more sensitive during the next four weeks.


Your planetary ruler Jupiter is retrograde this month and opposing in the early weeks the planet Mars, an impulsive combination. This is a good time to take stock of situations and plan ahead rather than making decisions for decisions sake. By the time it gets to the 17th, things will start to make better sense without a general feeling of one step forward two steps back.



The month May brings about many fruits of bounty as the Sun shines on your solar 5th house, the placement of pleasure and merriment. This is intensifies by the entrance of Venus as well as the Sun, Capricorn is a sign that likes its work and objectives, however these next four weeks could see you direct most of your energy on your social life, with gusto!



There is so much focus on your home life this month, some of it disruptive and unique and some of it inspiring. The contradictory energy of May will suit your personality down to the ground as you appreciate it when things do go a little weird. But it might be an idea to let those close to you knows that you’re alright with the changes around you, sometimes you can give the impression that you’re under strain even if you don’t feel it.


Any new steps that you have taken in terms of your career early in the year will now need to be reviewed and tested in their ability to last. For the Pisces this can be a difficult period, but only if they are allow their mind to go off into new creative and spiritual directions now is not the time. If you get this month right and stick with your plan, you will be able to reap the rewards later on.