May 2023

There is a Mercury retrograde to contend with until the 15th when the mischief goes direct in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Joining Mercury for the first time in twelve years is the planet Jupiter on the 16th moving into the zodiac sign of the bull. This is a major astrological event since Jupiter is about expansion and whichever zodiac sign it transits it will magnify those themes like agriculture, food industry, banking and financial institutions. This all comes off the back of a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th at 14 degrees in Scorpio ‘A bear sleeping beneath a tree around which is a swarm of bees’ it is in the degree of indolence. On the 20th Mars enters in Leo and makes a square aspect with Jupiter and Pluto, waves of fear and anxiety take over the collective as the threat of war escalates in the news.