May 2022

This month sees the return of the retrogrades as Pluto but also Mercury from the 10th goes retrograde in the sign of Gemini creating setbacks in the areas of short distant travelling , early education, emails, and phones in general. This is helped by the fact that Mercury rules Gemini, so it is in a zodiac sign that it can function, it just has one hand metaphorically speaking tied behind its back. On the 3rd Venus moves into Aries, while on the 11th Jupiter goes back into the sign of the ram until the end of October when it goes back to Pisces. On the 25th Mars also transits Aries, meaning there is a lot of pioneering planetary energy that is taking place and coupled with the Sun travelling through Taurus, this aims to be a month where it feels like a breath of fresh air has hit us all. Finally on the 28th the planet Venus enters its rulership of Taurus adding strength, harmony, and celebration. On the 16th we have a Full Moon at 25 degrees in Scorpio ‘A man swimming in an angry sea’ is in the degree of sacrifice. The symbolism suggests that as a collective we should not swim against the tide, personal ambitions need to be put to one side for the benefit of the collective.