May 2021

We have now entered the middle of Spring in the northern hemisphere as the Sun for a major part of the month travels through the zodiac sign of Taurus. The planetary energy is one of ebbs and flows as the expansive planet Jupiter on the 14th moves from Aquarius to Pisces, a marked shift in societal values. There is a softer energy with this combination and can help and heal in particular anything to do with charitable organisations. However both Pisces and Jupiter have a tendency to overreach , and therefore its important that we all don’t get to consumed by the glamour of the ‘moment’. Pisces is not a sign that likes boundaries, any social distance measures could be tested over the next three months as we all ache for human connection. On the 11th we have a New Moon at 21 degrees in Taurus ‘An owl, perched on a tree in the branches which a snake is coiled; it is the degree of ‘anticipation’.