May 2020

Classical Astrology

We have four planets retrograde this month, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, meaning there is a ground hog day feeling over the next four weeks. This is striking from the 13th as Venus goes retrograde in Gemini; too many options on the table could be a good description of this union. From a political point of view, unnecessary communications with foreign policies create havoc and distrust. On the 7th we have a Full Moon at 17 degrees in Scorpio ‘a woman, charming a snake, one of which is twined about her neck’. This could be the downfall of a political or celebrity high status person in society. On the 11th Saturn goes backwards in Aquarius followed by Jupiter retrograding in Capricorn, these two planets deal with society, rules and regulations, so expect a step backwards in new policies.


Aries is a sign that likes to face hurdles in a direct and uncomplicated manner; however as May progresses the rams are likely to find it difficult to charge ahead. The reason for this is your ruler Mars is travelling in the secretive sector of your chart creating havoc with your unconsciousness motivations. Try to remain focused on the present situations and as the saying goes ‘let bygones be bygones’.


This is a major month for you bulls as your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde from the 13th in your solar second house. The main theme over the next four weeks is going to be financial security and how much you value the money that you earn. However because it’s a retrograde, you’re going to find yourself looking at past patterns of behaviour in regards to how you look after your finances.



The first part of the month has the planet Venus moving through your own sign helping you to attract charm and harmony in your life. Then on the 13th the planet Venus goes retrograde in your own sign which can cause complications in regard to how you relate to others. Sometimes it’s what you don’t say rather than what you do, a pause for thought can do wonders for you this month.




The energy of the month ahead is one of one step forward and two steps back as the planet Jupiter on the 15th moves backwards in your opposing sign of Capricorn. Since last December there has been a period of expansion in the area of relationships. During this month Jupiter is there to remind you to not be to bold in your expectations of another.



The Sun shines in the career sector of your chart this month, which since March of last year has seen many changes take place in terms of ambitions and routines. Over the next four weeks friends are going to be important contributors to your advancement in work through connections and contacts. This could include someone from the past helping you see your life in a very different way than you had previously envisaged.




This is a month when your planetary ruler Mercury moves through two signs of the zodiac, Taurus and Gemini. This means that there are two different stages in the month, from the 1st – 12th the focus is on education and learning. From the 13th onwards the energy turns towards your ambition, career and dealing with authority figures in communicating in an effective way.




This is generally a good month for you as you seek to maintain relationships in the present and the past since your ruler Venus is retrograde in the second half of this month. Any plans for travel or learning should go well this month as the planets are supporting a period of expansion with social activities and new contacts, especially in the area of progression in work.




The sun is in your opposite sign of Taurus for most of the month and resides in the partnership area of your chart. The planetary energy can shine a light on relationships either by past issues or creative ways to improve existing partnerships, romantic or business. This is going to be helped from the 13th as your ruler Mars moves into water sign Pisces igniting a playful tune to your soul.




This month sees your ruler Jupiter for the first time since travelling in the sign of Capricorn goes retrograde from the 15th. This will put a focus on financial matters till September of this year, in how you manage your money and what you spend it on. Jupiter is transiting your 2nd house, which means there can be an over optimistic attitude to what you have in the bank, maintaining restrain is going to be key over the next four months.




This is quite a month for the goats, Saturn your ruler is still travelling in your adjacent sign Aquarius ruling the financial aspect of your chart. Saturn has a way of making you realise your limitations and boundaries, which in your case is about understanding your financial realities. The second major shift is the planet Jupiter which is travelling in your own sign starts to move backwards from the 15th, time to step back and ponder on the decisions that you have made so far in 2020.



For most Aquarians they are still feeling the effects of their traditional ruler Saturn travelling in their own sign. However from the 11th there is a shift as the planet starts to move backwards and therefore the planetary energy becomes much more internal in its awakening. For many Aquarians this can be enlightening and certainly your begin to know where you stand with other people close to you in the work environment.



The focus this month is home and family matters as the inner planets Mercury and Venus are transiting your solar 4th house. Now is the time to be creative and to bring to the surface your more visionary aspects of your personality. This could take the form of interior design or having group meetings in your own home environment, either way you are the centre of attention.