March 2024

The intensity of the previous month does not wane as the square aspect between Mars and Uranus gets closer and is particularly potent on the 9th. The erratic energy of this combination in fixed signs could cause explosive results. On the 12th we have the planet Venus moving into the zodiac sign of Pisces which it is exalted in, meaning it can operate on a higher level, this may form into a charitable collective that helps in humanitarian causes that are affecting those in poverty. This is given added structure as Venus makes a conjunction with Saturn on the 21st as the Sun enters Aries on the Spring Equinox. On the 23rd Mars enters Pisces joining the planets Venus and Saturn at the end of the zodiac wheel. This promises to be an active astrological month full of ups and downs that cause the collective to be more aware of the subtle elements that society hides from the public. On the 25th there is a lunar eclipse at 5 degrees of Libra, the symbol for partnerships opposing individual needs in society.