March 2023


The major astrological event this month happens on the 7th when for the first time in nearly thirty years ago the planet Saturn moves into Pisces. The stability of Saturn actually adds weight and determination to the Piscean nebulous nature. Over the next two and half years we could see limitations put on social media, oceans and marine life, exciting discoveries regarding wind power and ecology and major developments with the fishing industry and asylum seekers crossings seas. The structure and discipline of Saturn creates a period for us all to become more aware of how we deal with negative escapist tendencies. On the 16th Venus the planet of love and beauty enters into Taurus, while on the 25th the planet Mars which has been travelling in Gemini since August last year enters Cancer. This astrological shift puts the emphasis on more actioned orientated emotional assertiveness this is accentuated by the arrival of Pluto entering Aquarius on the 23rd.