March 2020 Horoscopes

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The month of March has Mercury retrograde in Pisces from the 1st until the 10th; Mercury is not comfortable in the zodiac sign of the fish nor does bode well in Aquarius. This can cause problems in oceans, out marine life and fishing industries in general or at least in the news. It can also cause flooding especially as it makes a conjunction with the modern ruler of Pisces Neptune from late March. On the 9th we have a Full Moon at 19 degrees in Virgo ‘two men fencing with swords, a man in black stands aside watching them’. The symbolic reference is a battle between two political leaders, while one steps in to save the day.  On the 22nd we have the lord of karma Saturn transit into the zodiac sign of Aquarius for the first time in twenty nine years. This will have quite an effect on the more liberal political parties in the west over the next two half years.


This is an extremely powerful month for you rams as your planetary ruler Mars is exalted in Capricorn and travelling in your solar 10th house. The next four weeks can be a period when you are able to get things moving in the right direction through your self-belief and ability to raise other people’s positive vibes.


On the 5th your ruling planet Venus enters your own sign, giving you a well-earned boost to your energy levels and you appreciation of other people. This also coincides with Venus making a conjunction with Uranus adding a touch of the unpredictable to life – in a good way.


Your month really starts on the 10th as you ruler Mercury goes direct in the sky in Aquarius, helping you to release old patterns of behaviour. This is helped by the presence of Mars and Jupiter making a conjunction in your 8th house, powerful emotions come up to the surface. All you will need is the support of others in helping you to communicate your inner needs.


Since the Sun is travelling and lighten up the health sector of your chart, the emphasis should be on how you are looking after yourself this month. This has been a reoccurring theme over the last nine months since the eclipses of July last year. Now is your opportunity to really feel that you are making progress in your general health.


This is going to be a smooth month especially in connection with work and your aspirations as Venus transits through your solar 10th house. Authority figures are going to be important contribution over the next four weeks in terms of getting what you want from your superiors or work colleagues now is the time to ask for a promotion.


From the 10th your ruler Mercury starts to move forward, this helps you to psychologically begin to feel much more optimistic in your outlook.  This will also be helped by the presence of Venus in another earth sign Taurus for most of the month.  The sun is also in the partnership area of your chart highlighting any niggling issues that need to be worked on.


The focus for this month could be partner’s money and if you are not in a relationship then other people’s money including investment and speculation will be the themes that play out. The transit of Jupiter in your solar 4th house is beginning to shake the foundations of your home and property, making you restless to move or redecorate.


Mars your traditional ruler is focused on the communication zone of your chart, making you forceful with your words and ideas. But sometimes you have to be diplomatic as well when dealing with the more sensitive types. Towards the end of the month Mars links up with your modern ruler Pluto creating a multitude of new awareness of your sense of self.


This is a major month since your ruler Jupiter is making a conjunction with Pluto in the sky in your 12th house which rules the unconsciousness part of you.  Old repeating patterns may come to light during March as you seek to revaluate fears and anxieties that have been with you for a long while, hiding from your day to day thinking.


Your planetary ruler Saturn moves signs for the first time in over two years as it transits from your own sign into Aquarius. The theme is going to be financial over the next two and half years as Saturn moves through the waterbearer. This month from the 22nd your feel that subtle shift of priority to how you earn your money.


The big astrological news is the planet Saturn moves into your own sign on the 22nd for the first time in twenty nine years. Saturn is about knowing our limitations, but also a real sense of accomplishment that can come from working hard over the next two years. Saturn teaches us that there are no short cuts, but if you follow Saturn, he will reward you tenfold.


There is a lovely sextile aspect between your traditional ruler Jupiter and your modern ruler Neptune in the sky. When these two get together it allows you to feel much more in sync with the spiritual aspects of your inner life that helps you explore some home truths – go on, enjoy, even if Mercury has been retrograde in your own sign!