June Horoscopes 2018

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June 2018

After the high frequency of May, June may well feel like a holiday, however there is enough astrological energy to keep us all occupied. Mars is travelling in Aquarius and goes retrograde on the 27th in the first decan of the zodiac sign. This forms a square aspect with Jupiter which is also retrograde in Scorpio, powerful ideologies start to manifest in governments. This is intensified by Uranus transiting in Taurus and with Venus entering Leo on the 14th we have a grand square in the fixed signs, an immovable force. We have a Full Moon on the 28th making a conjunction with Saturn at 6 degrees in Capricorn ‘a heart pierced by a nail’ it is in the degree of ‘loftiness’. This powerful symbolism is reflective of the changing times and economic instability that is caused by the ongoing transit of Pluto in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.



Keep your options open over June; your energy levels are generally going to be busy and active as you seek news ways of communicating with others. There is a diplomatic Arian coming into play as you realise that sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it that makes things work with others. Make sure you also keep your financial aspects in check as Uranus is making you be much more impulsive in that area.


Mars is traveling in the work sector of your chart this month causing you to be much more dominate and aggressive in your pursuit of your ideas. When dealing with the Marian energy you need to be direct but fair in your approach to dealing with others, try not to go at it like a bull in a china shop, there will be tears before bedtime.


You start the month with your planetary ruler Mercury in your own sign until the 13th; this is a good period to get things done with work, emails and communication with others. However sometimes with Mercury’s energy we can spread ourselves to thin causing problems with promising to much to others, be careful not to exert yourself.


Venus is in your own sign for the majority of the month as well Mercury joining up on the 13th, meaning the general theme of the month is your crabs coming out from beneath your shell. This could be a real relief for you after last month’s moon cycle put you in situations that you were not that comfortable with. June could be the time when others start to see you in a better light.


This is a peak time in the Suns journey as we reach the summer solstice point on June 21st; we are now basking in the sun’s rays. For the zodiac sign of Leo a time to reflect but also look forward and absorb the energy of the sun in our state of being. There is as I’m sure you have guessed it a philosophical element to June and one that you cannot ignore.


Your ruler Mercury travels through three signs of the zodiac this month, Gemini, Cancer and ending in Leo. The pace of life picks up and helps you radically shift you from old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. This will be accentuated on the 23rd when Mercury opposes Pluto causing you to get into power struggles that lead you to a better self-understanding of your own needs and more importantly the opinions of others.


Sometimes a more radical approach is needed rather than pleasing others or at least giving the appearance of trying to look diplomatic. The month of June could see you stretch in to many directions all at once; therefore you might feel a little overwhelmed by life. However if you take a step back you just might find that you are developing new coping strategies that enable you to move through life in a more authentic way.


Mars is stirring your home life in June, making you much more attentive to your surroundings; this is the perfect time to do that late spring clean and to focus on all those household jobs that you may have been putting off for some time. On a deeper level Jupiter is retrograde and this is pulling you back to last autumn and the decisions that you made then, time to reflect.


The New Moon on the 13th in your opposing sign of Gemini is a strong indicator of change in the way you deal with those close to you. Last month saw a shift in your own self understanding of how you react in certain emotional situations. This month your realization is played out externally and in a sense tested to see if you have learnt from the past.


The planetary energy of June is focused on your financial capabilities, how you acquire money and how you look after it. This will also be directed to your ambition in terms of your career and how satisfied you are with what you have achieved so far, if not then this is the time you can start implementing new strategies to push your career in the right direction.


From the mini earthquakes on an emotional level of last month to the steadier influences of June may make you feel liberated and alive in your sense of self. Mars is travelling in your own sign until the 27th when it starts going retrograde for the next two months. This will see you take stock of impulsive decisions that you made in May and early June. This is the point of a Mars retrograde, impulsive actions have consequences and you will have an insight into the inner workings of your eureka moments.


Lessons are being made thick and fast as you are moving at a rapid pace through life. Your modern ruler Neptune starts going retrograde from the 19th for the next three months. This is intensified by your traditional ruler Jupiter also going backwards in the sky. However as with all retrogrades this does not have to be a time of feeling stuck, the energy is much more dynamic than that, it’s just a question of using your inner resources instead of looking externally for inspiration.