June 2024



June promises to a lighter four weeks than the previous, as there is a dominance of the air element in the zodiac signs. However on the 9th the planet Mars moves into Taurus where the planet of war is unable to function since it is in detriment. The consequence of this is from a collective point of view a refusal to acknowledge the heavy symbolism of change that is in the zeitgeist. There is a paradigm shift that has already occurred, but for some of us we may feel a need to hang onto old beliefs and habits. This is intensified by the presence of Neptune at 29 degrees in Pisces which is a critical point in the astrological wheel. On the 16th both Mercury and Venus are making a square aspect to Neptune, this can be a very confusing time, when there is a fine line between truth and lies in the public domain. On the 22nd we have  Full Moon at 1 degree in Capricorn a strong symbol of work and new visions created for the future.