June 2023

June is a far easier month than the previous as the fixed planets start to separate in the heavy square aspect was dominating the sky in May. Pluto is now travelling backwards in Aquarius before it re-enters Capricorn on the 12th for the rest of the year. The significance of this is tying up any loose ends that have been manifesting since 2008 from a political and economic point of view. The Full Moon on the 4th in Sagittarius at 13 degrees kickstarts the month ahead ‘ A quantity of books and papers in disorder’ is in the degree of intellect. The symbolism creates an image of the collective trying to balance the polarity that we all have been experiencing at some level over the last few years. This is reemphasized by the New Moon on the 18th at 26 degrees in Gemini , in the sign of communication and the logical. On the 17th the planet Saturn for the first time since travelling in Pisces goes retrograde in the sky, time to reflect and acknowledge decisions that have been made since early March 2023.