June 2020





There is a heavy dose of Pisces energy in your chart during the next four weeks that you might feel that the metaphorical mists of time are surrounding you. However it’s important to mention that sometimes in life we have to use other senses like intuition to help us make decisions regarding the path of life that we are on, use your inner voice wisely.






Venus remains retrograde until the 25th when it moves direct slowly at first, which should help you to feel that you are getting a better handle on your money in general. The planet Uranus is moving fast in your own sign, signifying a new attitude to how you respond to immediate situations that in the past might have seemed overwhelming.







The retrograde of Venus continues right up until the end of the month, so any plans on a social level should be giving enough space to expect delays and cancelations. This is also emphasised by your planetary ruler Mercury going backwards in the sky from the 18th of this month. However for most of you this is your birthday month and a time to celebrate your achievements over the last twelve months.






The planet Mercury is travelling in your own sign adding an ability to communicate confidently with others especially in the area of work. However on the 18th the planet goes retrograde allowing you to be much more reflective in the way that you speak to others with your own ideas. On the 21st we have a solar eclipse on the 21st at 0 degrees in your own sign, a chance for new beginnings.






It’s always good to have a good dose of self-reflection and internal wisdom, but sometimes it’s hard in life to get the time to process. This month there is a good space being created for you to just do that and have the ability to look at your own inner motivations and explore them further in the second half of this year.






Friendships are going to be important for your internal development and personal insights into where your future lies. However on the 18th your ruler Mercury goes backwards in the sky causing communication issues and misunderstandings with friends or groups that you are involved in try to remain detached and impartial with your own opinions.






Venus maintains its retrograde motion in the sky, so be aware of things not going entirely to plan, however this is not such a negative phase, its more about being adaptable to circumstances. From the 18th Mercury goes backwards in the career sector of your chart, you might have to put plans to one side or at least be wary of pushing yourself to the front line leading to you getting the blame.






Your traditional ruler Mars is linking up with the planet Neptune this month causing confusing signals in regard to other people in social situations. This can cause a smoke and mirrors effect with other people’s motivations, so that your usual spot on intuition is slightly off the mark. The best advice is to sit tight and allow things to play out before you intervene next month.






The God of War Mars is transiting your solar 4th house, which means a lot of activity in the home environment is going to take place, including possible redecorating or a new business venture based in your property. However Mars can also bring in conflict and decisive action especially in response to an argument or an ongoing issues, make the right call.






Keep in the mind the previous months advise, it is still required going into the month of June as you start to implement some new structures on how you make your money. On the 18th the planet Mercury goes retrograde in your opposing sign of Cancer which rules the relationship area of your chart, communication and saying the right thing at the right time is going to be key to success under this transit.






Your two rulers Saturn and Uranus are transiting fixed signs in the zodiac for some time; this can add to your determined personality but also that can turn into plain stubbornness. The trick is to make sure that you are not being rigid in your outlook; this can be a common theme with Aquarians when they seem to have the blinkers on in regard to their world view – be open to change.






As we enter into the summer months, for the Pisces this is a time to regroup and begin new projects that will bear fruit at the end of the year. There is such a pull of planetary energy that is creating change in your creative and spiritual abilities this month for you to capitalise on, don’t waste time, be bold and brave.