June 2017

The emergence of powerful planetary influences comes into play this month as Mercury from the 7th transits through its ruling sign of Gemini until the 21st. On the 18th Mercury opposes Saturn a combination that can bring confusion in transport and technology but also great depth in collective thinking. The big news that will dominate the astrological news is Jupiter going direct in Libra on the 10th; this is especially good for the UK as it moves through the placement of a countries persona. The planet Venus on the 6th moves into its rulership of Taurus adding economic stability for the rest of the month and a general feeling of security. On the 9th we have a Full Moon at 18 degrees in Sagittarius ‘A man’s face painted with grotesque scrolls and surrounded by a mass of tangled hair’ it is the degree of ‘disorder’. This Full Moon is heavily affecting the USA’s natal chart and therefore expects some home truths coming up in the collective consciousness.


The energetic shift that Venus brought to the rams last month has certainly quietened them down, but from the 5th Mars enters Cancer and brings all those emotions boiling up to the surface. How the Aries handle this month is going to be down to their own emotional ties with family and close friends. This could bring out a closeness that has never been seen before or an aggravated outburst that comes from nowhere.


Venus enters your party from the 6th transiting in Taurus, a combination that exudes charm and self-indulgence, if that’s your cup of tea, which for the majority of the bulls it is. However things also speed up in the financial sector of your chart, your ability to pick two separate directions in income is an opportunity that presents itself over the next four weeks.


The general speed of the month increases especially from the 7th as Mercury transits your sign helping you to multi task your way through life, something the twins are familiar with. On the 9th we have a full moon in the relationship area of your chart, this can help to illuminate any issues that have been hidden in the past, embrace this energy rather than run away from it, you could get a real sense of liberation.


The Summer Solstice is on the 21st June when the Sun transits into the zodiac sign of Cancer. Your month has a certain heightened frequency, meaning your sensitivity to your environments is the key to unlocking new aspects in your personality. The New Moon in your own sign on the 24th helps to emotionally move away from any negative ongoing issues.


As tantalising as it is to go over the top it’s even better sometimes when we know what our limits are and stay within those boundaries. This is the mantra for you Leo’s this month as the pendulum swings between elation and the practical, the trick is trying to get somewhere in the middle of the two, and if there is one sign that can do this , it’s you.


There is a lot of activity this month as the sun shines on the travel sector of your chart, restless with a need to escape from the mundane could see you being rather impulsive. On the 7th Mercury moves into Gemini bringing more questions and less answers in terms of your career, maybe it’s best just to focus on what needs to be done.


There is some good news Librans, Jupiter which since February has being going retrograde finally moves forward on the 10th of June in your own sign. Plans that have stagnated over the last four months can finally begin to materialise, the only question is can you handle the amount of opportunities that are going to come your way?


From the 6th Venus moves into the partnership area of your chart, this enables you to clear up any emotional mess that occurred from last month. There is a cathartic energy about June for Scorpio allowing you to become much more in tune with your immediate environment. This is intensified from the 10th as Jupiter moves direct in your solar 12th house.


The Sun is in your opposite until the 21st, the light is directed towards relationships and how to get the best out of them. With the planet Saturn clashing with the Sun, you just might feel restricted by other people’s expectations of you, time to make a hasty retreat.


It’s back to work for most of you, as you regain your career stride with energy and vigour that you now have at your disposal. These next four weeks can bring about change in your daily routine and more importantly your general attitude to life, these pearls of wisdom can be given to others, a role that the Capricorn loves to play – the master.


There is a playful tone to these next four weeks, social events, group gatherings, everything that the Aquarius likes. The trouble of course is that you can’t be in two places at once, and therefore you have to be careful with what you promise others, try to limit your movements; it will make life a lot easier in the long run.


Your traditional ruler Jupiter moves direct on the 10th helping you to release any blocked energies that have been delaying projects over the last four months. It important to respond to the shift in the planets, this is a time to think big, be brave and to make sure that you tell everybody about your new found plans, I’m sure others will benefit from your dreams.