July Horoscopes 2019

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Relief for us all as the planet Mars on the 2nd moved in the royal sign of Leo moving out of its fall in Cancer, a far better fit astrologically. However we have a Mercury retrograde starting on the 8th till the 1st of August.  This is going to be a heavy retrograde since Mercury for the early part of the month is going to be making a square aspect with Uranus. This combination can be inspiring but also confrontation and unpredictable with communication on all levels. On the 9th Chiron starts to go backwards for the first time since re-entering Aries, bringing about a fragmentation with the collective wounded self . The impact of this could create a sense of people in political power going on the defensive in terms of their policies from the past leading to a smoke and mirrors scenario in the media and the news. It’s important to remember that this is transitory and the ongoing conjunction between Saturn and Pluto is bringing a lot of hidden decisions from the past in the collective consciousness to help us all heal, understand and move forward with clearer objectives.



Your planetary ruler Mars is travelling in another fire sign this month of Leo, which rules the creative section of your solar chart. This can be a month when you suddenly feel extra confident in your self-expression with others, romantically and at a social level. However like all of us you have to contend with Mercury retrograde also transiting in your 5th house. Be inspired this month but also be aware of taking too much for granted in your social life.



This is a month when your home life comes under scrutiny as Mercury moving backwards travels in your solar 4th house. This is an excellent opportunity to delve into what brings you security in your inner foundations; you might find some surprising results when dissecting yourself. The important thing to remember is to communicate with others as to how you are feeling; it’s ok to feel insecure at times.



Yes it’s that time again when your ruler Mercury is retrograde! But don’t panic, it’s how you respond to the energy that will determine the outcome. In your case it’s important to think before you speak under the vibrations of this retrograde. This retrograde is also linking in with the planetary energy of Uranus that can cause chaos if not channelled properly, be self-disciplined and you will ride this retrograde out.



We have two major eclipses this month, the first on the 2nd in your own sign a total solar eclipse at 10 degrees in Cancer, a powerful symbol for new beginnings and a general emotional clear out. On the 16th there is a lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Capricorn relating to emotional endings. The two weeks in between these eclipses will in some way define your year, be ready.



Your month starts well with insights and new projects and then on the 8th the planet Mercury travelling in your own sign starts to move backwards. Now before you throw your herbal tea against the wall, you might want to consider the meaning of a retrograde. When a planet goes backwards in the sky it is drawing its energy inwards to gain a different perspective and more power, meditate on this theory and all will be well.



As with your Gemini cousins who are also ruled by Mercury your planetary ruler is going backwards in the sky from the 8th in July. However this retrogrades is in your solar 12th house which rules the unconscious aspect of our personality so it might not be as noticeable as previous retrogrades. The form and shape that it could manifest is in dreams and fantasies that take you back in time through memories and longings – remember it’s just an illusion.



Venus is travelling in the career section of your chart from the 4th – 28th, this is an important junction in your year when your ideas at work will be much more readily accepted. There is also an active part to the friendship area of your chart; you will find yourself being far busier with social interactions, in particular, anything to do with sport.



This is a huge month for you Scorpio as Mars which governs actions and directness is travelling in the work sector of your chart. This is a perfect time to launch a business, in particular if you were born a night time. The Mars energy can be hard to harness at first, but remember your traditional ruler is Mars and therefore it will not take long before you feel excited about your future plans.



This is a month to conserve your energy levels and try to relax as much as possible since your ruler Jupiter is still going backwards. We also have Mercury retrograde which is travelling in your partner’s financial sector of your chart. If you are single then this can rule issues with other people’s money or business deals, best to wait on major decisions.



There is a lot going on in your opposing sign this month as both Mercury and Venus are at one point transiting the zodiac sign of Cancer. We also have the eclipses on the 2nd in Cancer and on the 16th which is in your own sign at 24 degrees in Capricorn. This is an astrologically powerful time when you close a lot of emotional issues that may have been holding you back for a long time – time to release those repetitive patterns of behaviour.



Your modern ruler Uranus is rocketing forward in another fixed sign like yourself Taurus and is also making a square aspect mid-July with Mars which is transiting in Leo. This can be a difficult combination to handle since it rules your home life and your relationship with others. The best piece of advice I could give to you is to be grounded in your approach, a lot of people around you could be projecting their anger onto you, don’t succumb to this.



It’s very difficult to get things moving when your two ruling planets Jupiter and Neptune are both retrograde. This is a time to take a step back and try not to put too much pressure on oneself, the planetary energy is drawing in and wants you to be the same. The eclipses this month fall in your 11th and 5th solar houses, creativity and collective responsibility will be themes that will play out this month.