July Horoscopes 2018

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The first major astrological feature for this month is the retrograde of Mars in Aquarius; the God of War operates on a lateral level, but can also be dogmatic in energy causing disruption, especially in air travel. Towards the end of the month we have Mercury retrograde in Leo, a strong indicator of new policies being brought forward in regard to children and education. On the 13th there is a partial Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees in Cancer, this is in the degree of ‘service’ the description is of ‘a man dressed as a groom, riding upon a spirited horse. The good news is that the planet Jupiter that has been going backwards in the sky since March goes direct on the 11th in Scorpio. This combination with Mars Squaring Jupiter is going to bring up some major changes in political thinking especially in regard to disagreements with other countries.


The rams are going to have to learn the art of patience in July as your ruler Mars is travelling backwards in the sky in Aquarius. This intensifies your need to act on feelings and hunches, unfortunately when Mars is retrograde it can lead to impulsive decisions that lead to complications. The best response during this period is to take an objective outlook on key areas in your life without feeling the need to change them immediately.


The transit of Uranus in your own sign starts to take on a life of its own as you start to question your own motivations and aspirations. Your ruler Venus travels through your 4th and 5th houses activating family and social activities for July. On the 25th Venus Squares Neptune contributing to high idealistic fancies, spiritual insights or muddled thinking, the choice is yours on how you respond to this energy in a positive way.


July is a month of two halves, the first three weeks is busy as your ruler Mercury travels in the communication sector of your chart and squaring Jupiter in the middle of the month. There maybe a tendency to do too many things all at the same time, but as a dualistic sign you can cope well with this. On the last week your ruler Mercury starts it’s retrograde, a time when you find delays and frustrations come your way.


This is your birthday month for the majority of you; you have a New moon on the 13th in your own sign to kick your astrological year into gear with a solar eclipse. On the 10th Jupiter goes direct in another water sign Scorpio in your sector of social activities. This is finished off by a Full Moon on the 27th with a lunar eclipse to add strength to your emotional life.


As you bask in the Sun’s energy, there could be a little bit of objective thinking going on with you as you try to make sense of the last six months. The ingress of Uranus in Taurus in May has ignited a new creative urge and rebellious attitude in regard to your career. Over the next seven years will see you step out into a brand new path that is forged by you wanting and demanding change in how you are perceived by others.


The month of July has a secretive side to it as your ruler Mercury is travelling in your solar 12th house. This is the placement of dreams, meditation, spiritual development and a link to other worlds. Contemplating these themes in your mind could be a marked feature over the next four weeks, however it important to keep your feet firmly on the ground as you seek a different way of listening to your intuition.


Storing up energy for a later date is now on the agenda for this month ahead. Mars is retrograde and travelling in the solar 5th house. This bodes well for your internal self-expression, meaning you are able to achieve some brilliant creative ideas over the next four weeks. Venus in the second half of the month resides in your 12th house, a placement that brings out a certain mysterious charm to your inner life.


Your traditional ruler Mars is going backwards this month and so is your modern ruler Pluto retrograde, which means that these next four weeks are all about process rather than action. One of the ways that this can be achieved is through a more balanced view of yourself in your personal relationships, is it the case that you are only viewing them through one lens, rather than a wider spectrum, all can be revealed in July.


July is a big month for the archers as your ruler on the 11th Jupiter moves direct for the first time since March 9th. The energy of Jupiter will certainly make you feel much more outward and generally optimistic in your approach and problem solving. With Uranus travelling in Taurus, your thoughts could also turn to how you look after yourself and how you can be of service to others; a timely reminder of energy creates energy.


There is a feeling of unfinished business that dominates your consciousness during the next four weeks. You could find yourself contacting people from your past or resuming projects that have yet to manifest. All this energy drawing you back into the past is needed; you’re a sentimental sign that in order to make sense of the present needs to step back in time.


Uranus entering Taurus is really beginning to make its presence felt in your 4th house of home and family. Aquarius is a sign that likes to break the rules and you are going through a self-examination period about the core aspects of your personality and what makes you tick. This is where Uranus steps and sticks its metaphorical neck out; it wants to be seen, meaning you are now prepared to show your cards.


Pisces is a sign that has a lot of emotion going on beneath the surface; this contributes to its dualistic nature, wanting one thing then another. July brings this qualities out into the open as you veer towards one extreme and then another in terms of your feelings. What is needed is a bit of an anchor just to give you some stability, luckily for you Jupiter moves direct on the 11th giving you some new signs and symbols to guide you.