July 2022

July is a month when Saturn , Neptune, Pluto, the asteroid Chiron are all moving backwards and on the 28th Jupiter also joins them on its retrograde motion. This intensifies the political arena especially from the 5th when the planet Mars enters Taurus a zodiac sign it is detriment in. This causes tension and an unpredictable nature as Mars heads towards making an applying conjunction with Uranus in the middle of the month raising ongoing diplomatic issues with other countries in the East of Europe.  On the 13th we have a Full Moon at 21 degrees in Capricorn ‘A spacious hall, like a museum, the walls of which are covered with symbols and hieroglyphics, symbolises otherworldly undercurrents and manipulation that contribute to a collective fear that dominates political decisions in the West. However the New Moon on the 5th in Leo illuminates ongoing issues in a more positive light that helps us all begin to pick up the pieces up again in these painful rebuild of our society.