July 2021 Key Dates

The planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde this month causing a sense of stepping back in time for us all. This is intensified by the square aspect from Mars to Jupiter , Saturn, and Uranus, causing all sorts of revolutionary tendencies. Its important to remain grounded during the next four weeks, it could feel quite energetically claustrophobic. However square aspects usually create change from a build up of ongoing tension that has been developing over a period of time. This could be the month when some of the biggest sweeping changes that defines our futures come into play. The Full Moon on the 24th is at 1 degree in Aquarius ‘a man lying upon a sheaf of corn, asleep with viands at his side’ creates an image of reflection, but also hidden dangers that are taking form in the shadows, we must all be aware of our own fears and face them head on.