July 2020

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The big astrological news is that we have the planet Saturn on the 2nd move back into the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This is the last waltz of Saturn’s transit through the sign of the goat and while it might seem like a last goodbye, Saturn is going to meet back up with Pluto. These two planets are the main players throughout this year and them forming a conjunction again creates a testing time for us all. The good news is that Pluto is also going retrograde, so the two planets mealy metaphorically wave at each other in a crowded room rather than sit down and have a heart to heart. However the implications will be an emphasis on governments trying to impose heavy restrictions on the general public, especially in regards to health matters and education. The planet Mars begins its journey into Aries for the next six months, since Mars will be retrograde from September – November in the sign of the ram, this combination can bring about impulsive behaviour and drastic actions. It is an energy that tends to bring about political unrest and violent clashes with young people in society.





Right at the end of last month your ruling planet Mars entered into your own sign and will be there for the next six months. The implications are huge in terms of your ability to start new projects and inspire others with your ideas and visionary thoughts. You will have to be careful not to jump to conclusions, especially in regard to judging others too quickly, we all need a leader, but one who also listens.





Last month your finances were under review because of the Venus retrograde, this month there is a change since Venus is now moving forwards in your solar 2nd house. This will give you a real boost for your general well-being as the word security is an important aspect of your personality. The test is going to be letting go of your preoccupation with money and status, this is what the current transit of Uranus in trying to convey.





Your ruler Mercury starts the month off going backwards in the sky; however it turns direct on the 12th kick-starting the financial sector of your solar chart. This is an important period for you to learn about self-sufficient in regard to money matters. If you plane ahead then this can help you to stabilise an area of your life that has needed lots of attention for some time.






The Full Moon on the 5th in your opposite sign lights up the partnership sector of your chart creating polarity it terms of what you want in life and what another person close to you wants. The next couple of weeks leading up to the New Moon in your own sign on the 20th could prove to be very revealing in regard to your own inner motivations in relationships.






The planet Mars enters into your 9th solar house for the next six months, this combination inspires your love of travel and adventure. Over the second half of the year expect a variety of interests in education and training to spark your imagination. Mercury turns direct in your 12th house on the 12th; this should unlock your dreams at night and give you some real insight into your hidden motivations.






There is light at the end of the tunnel as your ruler Mercury goes direct from the 12th in your 11th house of friendships, hopes, dreams and wishes. You now have the ability to move forward in your aspirations with renewed vigour. Mercury is also in the early part of the month making a square aspect with Mars which can cause verbal conflict, so be aware.






Venus maintains its transit in another air sign like you through Gemini after being retrograde all of last month. These next four weeks should bring about a shift in your own personal values and personal relationships and how others relate to you, a perfect remedy for a Libran.






Mars is now firmly into the zodiac sign of Aries, a cousin of yours astrologically since you shares the same ruler. The focus over the next six months is going to concentrate on heath matters, mind, body and spirit. Self-discipline is going to be the two key words that you are going to have to implement to the end of the year.






Jupiter your ruler maintains its retrograde this month, pushing away any notions is setting forth on

A new quest – holds back, take stock and remain calm and philosophical during this period. Your ruler early in the month meets up with God of the underworld Pluto for the second time this year, what occurred in March will come back in some form over the next four weeks to help you resolve an ongoing matter.






On the 2nd your planetary ruler Saturn moves back into your own sign until mid-December, a stark reality of your limitations and restrictions, but only if you have not learnt the lessons of the last three years. If you have managed to overcome your on fears, then this will be like an all affirming energetic boost from the cosmic skies.







Your modern ruler Uranus is travelling in your solar 4th house, this is the location of where we feel most secure and when Uranus passes through , those things that use to make us feel good no longer do. Time for a change and to be bold in your inner foundations, a period of reconstruction is occurring in you, embrace it – do not fight it.






Your two rulers Jupiter and Neptune are both retrograde this month, therefore it is wise to not make any major decisions during this period. Over the next four weeks it is a period to reflect and nurture your own personal needs from a spiritual perspective. This will give you access to greater realisations of your own goals and objectives.