July 2017


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We move from the high energy of spring to the mellow summer as the Sun transits through the zodiac sign of Cancer until the 23rd when it moves into the royal sign of Leo. The month will feel for many a period in the year when we can feel we are starting to gain access to a different perspective in the way that we all deal with the world. From the 16th the planet Neptune goes backwards in the sky, this is the planet that has caused havoc with advertising, news and the way in which the media instigates social change. However with Neptune retrograde you are dealing with smoke and mirrors and this leads to emotional reactions that are not based in reality. This is intensified by the Full Moon on the 9th at 17 degrees in Capricorn making a conjunction with the planet Pluto, God of the underworld; ‘Two men in fierce strife’ is the symbol for the degree, a time of tension in the political world.


This is a testing month for the rams as your ruler is travelling in the zodiac sign of Cancer which squares your Sun. Mars is a planet that always likes to force issues through and during the next three weeks you could find yourself digging your heels in with projects and opinions that have yet to truly settle. The last week of July sees a more reflective side of your nature come to prominence, which could help you with some major decisions for the upcoming autumn season.


July is a busy month for the bulls, activity on a social level and work commitments means that the Taurus is going to have to be adaptable to circumstance, not natural territory for the bulls. However what they can achieve over the next five weeks is progression in the sense that they are finally venturing to another part of their field, even if they have been a little pushed.


There is a playful feel to July as Venus enters your own sign on the 5th igniting your social life and your artistic natures.  You planetary ruler Mercury goes through three zodiac signs in July, Cancer, Leo and Virgo, this increases activity and decision making as you have to be your true self, adaptable to circumstances.


July could go either way for you crabs as the planet Mars transits your own sign until the 21st, it’s important that you don’t become impatient with those around you. At the other end of the spectrum you can accomplish twice as much as you normally do over the next four weeks; it depends on how you respond to the energy of Mars.


Sometimes in life we all have a need to go deeper into our souls calling and Leo is no exception, it is a sign known for being a bit of an extrovert, however Lions in the wild can do a lot of sleeping. July is about you take time out of your world and being in the now, recharging your batteries so you can be well and truly ready for next month.


This is a month of preparation for the following month making sure that you have everything in working order in your life. Relationships with others could become confusing during this month as you may not be clear where you stand, try not to overreact emotionally, sometimes in life; you just have to let things play out.


There is a lot of planetary activity for most Librans this month as there is a predominance of cardinal signs dominating the heavens. The way to respond to this energy is to be dynamic in your personal ideas and implement them in a constructive way; this is especially relevant in terms of work and career development – time to shine.


Passion is a key characteristic of the zodiac sign of Scorpio and with your ruler Mars transiting in water sign like yourself Cancer, you may be willing to embark on some adventures in body and mind. This is all very well, but sometimes we need to focus on the more practical pressing matters and during the next four weeks there are plenty to deal with.


The charge of Jupiter is in full slow allowing you to experience a new pace about your life that has been unsettled since February. This chance for you embrace new opportunities to expand your awareness of yourself and others. The key to the next four weeks is recognising when to push ahead with ideas and when to stay put. If you follow your instincts’, you should be ok, but if you push forward because you are impatient you will find yourself picking up the pieces later in the year.


There is a lot of energy active in your seventh solar house and this is the placement of relationships and how others interact with you. Sometimes in life we have to compromise and see other people’s points of view without making snap judgements. Your ruler Saturn continues to go backwards, so if you feel a little bit tired, don’t panic, try to conserve your energy.


The Sun shines on the work sector of your chart making you very sensitive to the needs of others around you. This can be a blessing especially if you are in a humanitarian job that requires that you understand how another is feeling. This could also put you in good stead for some good news regarding how your career is developing.


July promises much in terms of general well being and time for you to get on with your creativity, but there are boundaries that need to be put into place. This can be for the Pisces a difficult thing to do especially if it’s putting boundaries for yourself, it’s about how you value your time and energy, and there is only one of you.