January 2024

The New Year starts with a bang from the 2nd as Mercury begins to move forward at 22 degrees in Sagittarius which also forms a square aspect with Neptune in Pisces. This can be a muddled and confusing aspect between two planets that do not compliment each other. However it can also help to clear the collective clutter and allow us all to begin to see things much more clearly from a political perspective. In the middle of the month we have a trine aspect between Mars and Jupiter in the earth signs creating practical idealism and manifestation. The big astrological news is on the 22nd Pluto re-enters Aquarius where it travels until September when it goes back into Capricorn for the final time. This shift of Pluto in Aquarius brings with it major technological advancement, but also a more individualistic society that speaks about the collective but does not necessarily act with the intention to bring communities together.